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global forest cover is declining at an alarming rate
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Global forest cover is declining at an alarming rate

Global forest cover is declining at an alarming rate

 ‍Everyone agrees with the ideal process for future planning for pollution control, environment protection, and development.

Forests are known as refineries of environmental pollution, especially air pollution. But the amount of these forests is decreasing alarmingly worldwide. From 2002 to 2023, the amount of forest land in the world has decreased by 7.4 percent.

On the other hand, increasing industrial or agricultural emissions are polluting the atmosphere, resulting in global climate change. The climate is losing its identity.

Climate behavior is becoming erratic. There is untimely heavy rain in some places and no rain in some places, excessive winter in some places and excessive heat in some places.

Likewise, the use of biofuels is no less responsible for climate change. The use of these biofuels is gradually increasing. Total biofuel consumption in 1985 was 66.04 quadrillion BTUs, which stands at 77.18 quadrillion BTUs in 2023.

So, on one hand the use of biofuels is increasing. On the other hand, the amount of pollution-purifying forests caused by the increase in biofuels is decreasing.

As a result, global climate extremes are increasing. Especially in terms of heat and rainfall irregularities. Which is acting as one of the driving forces of global desertification.

Its influence is not less in Bangladesh as in the world. The northwest region of Bangladesh is already drought prone. Characteristically, temperature extremes and low rainfall are observed.

This feature has become more pronounced in recent years. So, it is easy to imagine that this level will increase further in the coming years.

The way out of this problem is not easy. Because the atmosphere has no political boundaries. So, the pollution created in one place spreads all over the world.

Brings change in global climate. Bangladesh’s role in air pollution is not significant but the most affected. Therefore, Bangladesh has to work on climate change and at the same time adopt agricultural systems that can adapt to the changing environment in a big way.

Crops that require less irrigation need to be developed and cultivated, especially for the North-West Varendra region. In addition, extensive changes should be made in the cropping process.

It should be remembered that as it is important to restore the degraded environment, it is also important to focus on our activities so that they do not further degrade the environment. Everyone’s awareness can give the future generation a pollution-free environment.

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