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The Chirping of Birds have made The Campus Lively
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The Green Leaves and The Chirping of Birds have made The Campus Lively

The Green Leaves and The Chirping of Birds have made The Campus Lively

Bangladesh is a country surrounded by greenery. There are many educational institutes in Bangladesh full of natural beauty. Public universities especially have a lot of budget for maintaining greenery. Varieties of trees are planted in these institutes. Many migratory birds are also seen on the campuses of these institutes. Rajshahi University is one of these institutions surrounded by greens.

Due to the COVID-19, the educational institutions’ whole of the country is currently closed. Almost every workplace is closed. Due to this lockdown, nature is coming alive in many institutions. The birds are roaming freely in the empty campuses. The Rajshahi University is no different than this.


Currently, a bit of change is noticed in the environment of Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. The birds have undertaken the whole campus area. Actually, the campus is supposed to be full of students. But this time the situation is different because of the lockdown due to COVID-19. And the birds are taking advantage of this situation. Nature is revealing its true beauty.

The whole campus is covered in green. Squirrel and various species of birds are seen through the gaps of new leaves. The birds are singing as their heart wishes where the students used to sing once. The green nature and birds are keeping the empty campus alive.

The current situation of the Rajshahi University campus has turned out that the birds and other creatures have owned the campus. This is a good opportunity to see the difference between artificial and natural beauty. The birds don’t get such chances. Maybe that’s why they are using this rare opportunity.

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