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Greenland's Global warming
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Greenland’s Ice is Melting Rapidly and Rising the Sea Level Due To Global Warming

Greenland’s Ice is Melting Rapidly and Rising the Sea Level Due To Global Warming

By Sadia Noor Portia (7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

Global warming is increasing day by day. As a result, it is feared that some countries will turn into deserts and some countries will submerge under the sea.

According to the information of NASA, due to the temperature of the earth being highest in June/2019, ice is melting rapidly in Greenland and the Himalayas.

NASA and the Copernicus Climate Change Service of Europe have said that the massive heat in Europe, the temperature rise in the entire Arctic and Eurasia, and the average global temperature rise of the earth are responsible for this.

In June/2019, the average temperature of the world was 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0.93 degrees Celsius more than it was supposed.

Because of this, Greenland experienced the hottest summer last year. Where the temperature was expected to be low in August/2009, it had reached 10.7 degrees.

That is why so much ice melted the last year which is faster than at any other time. It is feared that over 440 billion tons of ice could melt by the end of this summer from Greenland’s huge ice plate.

As a result, excess water will raise the height of the sea level, which can easily float a portion of Pennsylvania or Greece.

According to the marine scientist Josh Wiley of NASA, the ice is melting due to man-made and natural reasons. More than 400 billion tons of ice melted in Greenland in 2012,

which is about four times more than in 2003. On the last 2 August, 12.5 billion tons of ice melted just in one day.

If the amount of ice in Greenland melts, the height of the seawater will rise to about 25 feet. Because of this, water from all the sea of the world will flow beyond the border of the coast.

Due to the rise of global warming, the height of the sea level in the US, including Australia, Southeast Asia, is rising gradually by ice melting in Greenland. Bangladesh, surrounded by seacoast, is sure to be under threat.

The Glacier melting in Greenland increased 197 billion tons of water in the Atlantic Ocean last July. As a result, the height of the sea level increased by about 0.1 millimeters or 0.02 inches in just one month.

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