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 harming the environment means harming ourselves
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Harming the environment means harming ourselves

 Harming the environment means harming ourselves

According to AQI (Air Quality Index), the most polluted city in the world is Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Here 15 times more PM than the limit set by the World Health Organization was found in the air.  PM stands for particulate matter, which refers to a mixture of small particles of solid or liquid suspended in the air.

Dust, smoke, ash, metal particles, organic matter, forest fires, volcanoes, storms, dust storms, vehicles, factories, power plants, brick kilns, construction activities, etc. increase PM in the air.

There are numerous reasons behind air pollution in Bangladesh. Generally, 80 percent of the vehicles plying in Dhaka are more than a century old.

Uncontrolled exhaust from these vehicles seriously pollutes the air. Also increase in number of vehicles, excess traffic on roads is responsible for increase in air pollution.

According to the information given by the Minister of Environment (Bangladesh), on January 31, 2024, there are about 8 thousand brick kilns in Bangladesh, 60 of which are illegal. Illegal brick kilns have been running for years without permits.

These brick kilns are seriously polluting the air through various means, including using low-quality fuel. Around 30,000 solid wastes are generated daily in the cities of Bangladesh, which will reach 47,000 by 2025, and 10 of these solid wastes are plastic.

There are about 50 thousand factories in Bangladesh. Most of the factories are old. Smoke and dust emitted due to use of undeveloped technology, use of low-quality fuel, various chemical gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, etc. are responsible for air pollution.

Due to uncontrolled construction work, dust from construction sites, dust from demolition of buildings causes severe pollution. The use of unprocessed biofuels such as wood, coal, and kerosene in rural areas is causing air pollution.

Also, deforestation, agriculture, unsanitary practices, lax enforcement of environmental laws are responsible for air pollution.

Air pollution causes various diseases, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, stroke, cancer, allergies, etc. Moreover, due to air pollution, the balance of the environment is severely damaged.

Water pollution is one of the main reasons behind environmental pollution. There are many ways of water pollution in Bangladesh. Industry plays a major role in it.

Direct discharge of industrial effluents into water bodies is a serious cause of water pollution. Factory chemicals, heavy metals, oil and dyes mix with water and pollute water.

There are several problems affecting the water such as the lack of a sewage system, messy urban areas, and dumping of waste into water. Also, there is pollution from oil and gas exploration, arsenic, and the filling of wetlands.

Lack of awareness of water use and dumping vehicle waste into rivers are also issues. All the wastes of the markets built along the river are seriously polluted due to dumping in the river etc.

Water pollution causes biodiversity loss, extinction of aquatic animals, damage to agricultural production, food insecurity, and loss of ecological balance.

Our survival is fundamentally dependent on the environment. Harming the environment means harming yourself and everyone around you. So, our collective efforts to protect the environment and prevent pollution can make a big difference.

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