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heatwave will continue until 2060
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Heatwave will continue until 2060

Heatwave will continue until 2060


The public life of the people in Western European countries has been affected by the great crisis. The burning due to the heatwave that is going on there now will become more regular.

This trend will continue until at least the 2060s. United Nations recently warned the world about the danger and the ongoing crisis.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported that the current heatwave is a warning sign for countries that emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Petteri Talas, Chief of WMO, told a news conference in Geneva, “It will become more regular, and the negative trend will continue. At least until the 2060s.”

“We are breaking one temperature record after another because of climate change. In the future, this type of heatwave will continue to happen. We may even see more heat than this,” Talas added.

Petteri Talas also said, ‘Carbon emissions are still increasing. If we do not bring carbon emissions within a limit, they could end up peaking in the 2060s.

Large Asian countries, in particular, need to reduce their carbon emissions since these countries are big carbon emitters.’

WMO jointly held this press conference with the World Health Organization  (WHO) in Geneva regarding the ongoing heatwave in Western European countries.

Maria Neira, Director of Health, Environment, and Climate Change at WHO said, “About 70,000 people lost their lives in the 2003 wildfires in Europe.

Extreme heat reduces the capability of our body to regulate heat which will make people prone to various diseases.”

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