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extreme wildfires roaring in spain and france
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Extreme Wildfires roaring in Spain and France

Extreme Wildfires roaring in Spain and France


Fires caused by intense heat waves are burning in different areas of Portugal, and intensity has also increased in the Mediterranean countries, like, Spain and southwestern France. Thousands of fire service workers are working to control the fires in these countries.

Aircraft deployed. A plane fighting wildfire in northern Portugal has crashed, killing its pilot. It crashed in the Faz Soa area on the border with Spain and dropped water on the fire area.

Fires are spreading across France’s Gironde region, and more than 12 thousand people have evacuated from there. About 2,300 people have also evacuated from the Mijas mountains in southern Spain.

Beachgoers in the Torremolinos area reported billowing plumes of smoke over the mountains. Several aircraft have deployed to control the fire there.

Ashley Baker, a British National in the Mijas region of southern Spain, told the BBC that the intensity of the fires had become “terrible” on 22 instant.

Fire extinguishers dropped water from airplanes to the area of ​​the fire. Helicopters collect water from the sea and drop it on the fire area.

“There are about 40 houses in our area. Everyone is worried and is standing outside or on the balcony watching it (the fire). The fire has still seen burning on the mountain.

It has spread from here to there; I feel very relieved. Living in the mountains is very scary. All the road signs will constantly inform you about the risk of severe fire.” Baker added.

Karin, a resident of France’s southwestern Atlantic coast, told AFP of the intensity of the fires saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Karin lives in the Teste de Buch area. Fires have burned about 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of land in that area and south of Bartok.

About 3,000 fire service personnel are trying to put out the fire there.

Christophe Neder and his son-in-law Teste de Buch, a resident of the village of Cajoux, have taken refuge near the area. Due to the fire, they were forced to leave their house and come out in one piece of cloth.

Christophe Neder said he was thinking of going back home to rescue their pet cat. Hundreds of other people have moved to temporary shelters in dangerous areas.

Jessica Parker said the process of rescuing animals from that area is underway. But its speed is slow.

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