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recommend closure of tannery to protect the biodiversity of dhaleswari river, bangladesh
Aivee Akther Bangladesh Environment Protection

Recommend closure of tannery to protect the biodiversity of Dhaleswari River, Bangladesh

Recommend closure of tannery to protect the biodiversity of Dhaleswari River, Bangladesh


The biodiversity of the Dhaleshwari River is under threat due to pollution. Now the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water of this river is much less than the average level.

This situation has arisen mainly due to the tannery effluents transferred to Savar from Hazaribug of Dhaka City.

Environment Department, Bangladesh, informed this information after the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bangladesh, -Related Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting.

The parliamentary committee has been making various recommendations for two years to take action against the tanneries due to pollution.

The committee also recommended the closure of the tannery. However, their recommendations have not been implemented.

In this situation, the parliamentary committee has recommended disconnecting the power supply of the tanneries, which do not have a waste treatment system.

After the meeting at the National Parliament, Saber Hossain Chowdhury, the president of the parliamentary committee, said, “Dhaleshwari’s water has much less than the amount of dissolved oxygen required for the living of aquatic animals, including fish.

Chromium, a chemical harmful to marine life and biodiversity, contains much more than tolerable levels. As a result, the Dhaleswari river has become very dangerous for aquatic life, including fish.

The Ministry of Industry has promised to increase oxygen and reduce chromium levels in the next three to six months. The committee said the tanneries responsible for this would be cut off, if necessary, in case of failure. “

The chairman of the committee further added that they had made five-six recommendations over two years. However, the Ministry of Industry, Bangladesh, has not implemented a single one.

They are just saying that they will implement it in the future. It cannot go this way. Now the committee is going to a final position.

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