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human chain demanding to stop river occupation and pollution in dhamrai
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Human chain demanding to stop river occupation and pollution in Dhamrai

Human chain demanding to stop river occupation and pollution in Dhamrai

adnan mahfuz tazvir

In Dhamrai of Dhaka, a human-chain program has been observed to stop the occupation and pollution of the Bangshi and Gazikhali rivers.  It was held at the Islampur bus stand on Saturday morning on the initiative of the Dhamrai Upazila branch of ‘Sabuj Andolan’, an environmental, social organization.

In the Human Chain, Bappi Sardar, chairman of the board of directors of the ‘Sabuj Andolan’ said that due to unplanned urbanization and lack of proper waste management, the Bangshi river and Gazikhali river are constantly being occupied and polluted.

Some unscrupulous administration officials are taking advantage of the sand traders by occupying the river banks and cooperating in these unjust activities.

Bappi Sardar said that besides identifying these officials and taking disciplinary action, the government and people’s representatives should come forward to prevent river encroachment and pollution.  Apart from this, the factories’ waste that does not have waste management in Dhamrai has to be treated through Central ETP in a specific drainage system.

President of Dhamrai branch of the organization, AM Shahin Alam, General secretary, Govinda Pal, Advisor Mahmud Iqbal, President of Dhamrai Upazila branch of Safe Roads Chai, Nahid Mia all spoke on the program.

The speakers said that a united movement should be formed against the occupiers and polluters of rivers, including Dhamrai.  We must ensure a beautiful world for future generations by preventing pollution and occupation.

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