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human responsibilities to protect the environment according to islam
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Human responsibilities to protect the Environment- According to Islam

Human responsibilities to protect the Environment- According to Islam

adnan mahfuz tazvir

 Allah (God) sent His Prophets (representative of Allah) from the human into the earth. We are Allah’s servants in this world. So, it is up to us to save the world system from being ruined.

So, people have a responsibility to protect the environment. Islam is the religion of Fitrat or nature. One of the best creations of the Almighty Allah is the human being. The creation of environment-nature and society around the human. Therefore, according to Islam, protecting the environment is very important.

An important environment element is a tree – a genuine friend of the human and the environment. The survival of human beings and other animals depends on green plants.

Plants prepare food for living things through photosynthesis. Not only do they make food, but during photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

As a result, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is maintained. Narrated in the Hadiths that in front of the Prophet (SM), once a man broke a tree’s branch without any reason, the Prophet (SM) gently pulled the man’s hair and said, ‘The tree also hurts as much as you.’

We learn to plant trees to balance the environment from the Prophet (SM). He (SM) said, “If you think that the Qiyāmah (The destruction of the world as per Islam) will start tomorrow, still then plant a tree today.” The Prophet (SM) encouraged tree planting and said the Almighty Allah would consider tree planting is a charity (Narrated at Bukhari and Muslim’s Hadiths’ Books).

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- SM) also said, “If a Muslim plant a tree or cultivates a field, then if the people, birds or any animal is eaten the grown food, it will be a reward for him from the Almighty Allah.”

The importance of Islam in protecting the environment is evident from the above Hadiths (holy books) of the Prophet (SM). Islam’s direction in protecting the environment is clear. In the Holy Qur’an and the Hadiths, protection of the environment is given much more importance in different verses of the Holy Quran and the Hadiths.

Allah has mentioned the word “Water” 60 times in the Holy Qur’an. Allah the Almighty said in the Holy Quran, ‘The mouths of the Space and the earth were closed, then I opened both of them, and I (Allah) created all living beings from water’ (Surah Al-Ambiya: 30). Everything that has found life in the world has come only from the water.

Allah says, ‘Disasters have spread over the sea and land because of the deeds of man.’ (Al- Quran; Surah Rum: 41). Allah has created the tress to maintain the balance of the ecosystem on the earth.

Allah said, ‘I have spread out the land and set up the hills and the mountains and have been growing different varieties of beautiful plants on it. This is wisdom and admonition for the servants of the Almighty Allah ‘(Al- Quran; Surah Kaf: 7-8).

At the end of verse 141st of Surah An’am, He (Allah) said, “Allah does not love the wasteful.” This verse is even more important because the Prophet (SM) warned one of his companions because he threw away the remaining water after bathing.

The Prophet (SM) told him that the water should be returned to the river to meet the needs of other downstream people. The rights on the water downstream are evident here.

In many cases, upstream people are seen obstructing the normal flow of river water through dams. The people downstream are affected by this. In this case, the Prophet (SM) warned against wasting a bit of bathwater to protect the environment and the rights of the downstream people.

Soil and water are essential components of the environment. All the food grains produce from the plants and plants grow in the soil, and the plant’s survival needs water.

In this context, in the Qur’an, the Almighty Allah said, “An example for them (human) is the dead earth, I revive it (through the rain), And I bring out grain from it that they (human) eat. I grow dates and flowing streams on it, and they (human) enjoy fruits.” (Surah Ya-seen:33).

It is essential to keep clean the canals, ponds, roads, and lakes to create a beautiful and orderly social environment. The Prophet (SM) said, ‘One of the 73 branches of faith (Iman) of Islam is the removal of harmful substances from the roads/paths.

He further said, ‘Holiness is the half of the faith (Iman) to Islam.’ It is narrated from Hazrat Jabir (RA) that the Prophet (SM) forbade urinating in the water. The Prophet (saw) also said, “You should refrain from defecating in the three acts of cursing, that is, in the water, in the middle of the road, and in the shade of a tree.”

It’s known from Hadith that Hazrat Muhammed (SM) did not throw any parts of the dead animals here and there; he put it, including blood, inside the soil by digging it. It dried once and mixed with air. It can pollute the environment; if it keeps onside the ground and unmanaged or not put under the earth.

For this reason, the Prophet (SM) used to place the blood or the unnecessary meats inside the ground or ordered to place it inside the ground. Otherwise, diseases may transmit from one person to another through air pollution.

Cleanliness is essential to avoid environmental pollution. God has created trees on earth to maintain the balance of the environment and protect the living world’s existence.

The Almighty Allah said, ‘I have spread the land and placed mountains on it and produce various kind of beautiful vegetations on it. It is a source of knowledge and advice for those who love Allah’ (Al- Quran; Surah Kaf 6-7).

 Allah has created mountains for the benefit of the entire created world. Allah said in the Al-Quran that He (Allah) affixed the mountains standing on the earth firmly so that it could lest shake with the human during the Earthquakes, Earth sliding, Cyclones, or other similar disasters.

 ‘…and He (Allah) he set the strong mountains on the earth firmly so that it could not vibrate you (human).’ (Al- Quran; Surah An-Nahl, 15).

Elsewhere it is said, ‘He is the One who placed firm mountains on the surface of the earth and placed in it abundant goodness.’ (Al- Quran; Surah Ha-Mim Sajda: 10). In another verse, ‘And I have made the mountains like nails (on the earth surface).’ (Al- Quran; Surah Naba-6).

But we are cutting down the mountains, cutting down the trees, filling the ponds, destroying the environment through the vicious competition of weapons, and making the earth uninhabitable.

In the other verse in the Al- Quran, Allah said that in this vast universe, Allah has full filled all the required elements for the survival of the living beings on this small planet called earth. Due to us, the earth’s environment is getting warmer day by day. As a result, it is becoming difficult for organisms to survive. The environment for healthy living is being lost due to various diseases. The melting of polar ice caps has led to the disappearance of some of the world’s lowlands.

Observance of fair rules for natural gas extraction, non-competition of lethal weapons, non- felling of trees from the forest, non-cutting down of hills without a plan, non-hunting of animals and birds indiscriminately, compliance with proper rules in the disposal of mills, brick kiln pollution, etc. can protect the environment of the earth.

It is very important to control, take appropriate action against vehicles’ toxic fumes and make the public more aware. The government needs to formulate necessary laws and take remedial measures. Let us be a little more aware of our responsibilities as a Prophet; let’s start to change with ourselves. Let’s not harm the environment.


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