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human rights violations are increasing as a result of climate change
Aivee Akther Environmental Problems

Human rights violations are increasing as a result of climate change

Human rights violations are increasing as a result of climate change

Aivee Akther

As a result of climate change, environmentalists have claimed that human rights violations and unemployment-poverty are increasing, productivity is decreasing, and social degradation and child marriage are increasing daily in societies. They also opined that this climate change is making people’s lives miserable.

The speakers said this while participating in a press conference organized at the National Press Club, Dhaka. The press conference was organized to present research results on the human rights situation of people affected by climate change.

Asper a study, 200 families in these regions have suffered a direct financial loss of approximately US$90.24 million due to sudden disasters and salinity.

Besides, they face various crises, including health crises, displacement, social and sexual harassment, water shortage, school dropout, child labor, child marriage, violence, mental breakdown, and cancer.

The speakers in the meeting said that the lack of transparency and accountability in the country’s development activities and the development not reaching the affected people are causing more suffering.

Due to this change, people’s lifestyles and livelihoods are changing. Women suffer more deprivation in disasters. In times of calamity, women have to help husbands with outside work and daily work.

Sharif Jamil, General Secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), said, “Human rights violations resulting from climate change as nature-based management followed properly.

The voices of those whose rights are getting violated do not reach policymakers. Our country is water-scarce. In its demand, only 20 percent of water comes in the dry season.

Those who contribute more to climate change should come forward to solve the problem. Our geographical location is causing more damage. That is why we need to be aware. Protecting the motherland is a human right. However, it is not protected.”

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