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illegal brickfields next to the educational institution of b. baria
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Illegal brickfields next to the educational institution of B. Baria

Illegal brickfields next to the educational institution of B. Baria


Bangladesh news: The brick kiln is about 100 meters away from a school classroom. There is a fire burn to burn Bricks. Truck after truckloads of soil and bricks come along the road leading to the school.

The coil of the Brick Kiln became thick with smoke and dust. Students are coming and going, studying, and playing in the play yard in such an environment.

The brickfield named ‘Mehedi Bricks’ is adjacent to the east side of Khalapara Government Primary School, Suhilpur Union of Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila, Brahmanbaria. The school will be visible from Suhilpur on the Comilla-Sylhet highway to the east.

A layer of dust accumulates on the bench of the classrooms. According to the students, dust also accumulates in their books. The sound of the tractor is unbearable.

Bangladesh, the Department of Environment also says 18 illegal brick kilns have been set up in nine Upazilas of Brahmanbaria district and various public and private educational institutions. These brickfields are within a kilometer of the educational institutions. The number of students in these schools is more than 10 thousand.

By law, no brick kiln could be set up within one thousand meters of any educational institution, wetland or agricultural land, hill, government road, or residential area. Influential people have built brickfields ignoring the law. However, the local administration is not taking any effective action against the brick kiln owners for violating the law.

‘Pawan Bricks’ is another one located just 300 meters away from Bakail Government Primary School on the north side of Mehdi Bricks. There is a government primary school within 600 meters of ‘Arab BRICS’ adjacent to Gokarnaghat in the Brahmanbaria municipal area. Next to it is another brickyard called Ronnie Bricks. The boundary and residential area of the municipal site started within 500 meters of these two brickyards.

Only 550 meters away from Krishnanagar Abdul Jabbar High School in Nabinagar Upazila, two brick kilns have been built on the river banks.

‘Bhuiyan Bricks’ is within 500 meters of Rampur Government Primary School in Vijayanagar Upazila of B. Baria District. Another brickfield called Medina Bricks is at the same distance from the school.

There is a primary school near ‘Ratan Bricks’ in Tanmanipur village of Pattan union of this Upazila. ‘Haji Brix’ locates at a distance of 600 meters from the Chandura Government Primary School in the same Upazila. ‘T&C BRICS’ is 600 meters away from Budhanti Ahladi Government Primary School.

New Mayer Doa Brix of Rajabariakandi village in Sarail Upazila situates at about 800 meters from Baishamura Government Primary School. Next to it is another brickfield called Subarna Bricks.

There is also a primary school near ‘New Samata Bricks’ in Shahjadapur village of Upazila. ‘Titas Bricks’ builds 600 meters from Mogra Government Primary School in Akhaura Upazila and 150 meters from Dhaka-Chittagong and Chittagong-Sylhet railways.

Biswajit Karmakar, the acting headmaster of Kalisima South Government Primary School in the same Upazila, said, “The brick kiln has become a serious threat to school children. There is also a high school and college next to our school. The school management committee has met more than once with the kiln owners about the harmful effects of burning bricks.”

Md. Nurul Amin, Deputy Director of the Department of Environment’ Brahmanbaria, said, “There are 181 brickfields in the district; 99 are operating illegally. A mobile court has set up against illegal brick kilns, including brick kilns near educational institutions.”

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