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the national river conservation commission has to be self sufficient to rescue the river
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The National River Conservation Commission has to be self-sufficient to rescue the River

The National River Conservation Commission has to be self-sufficient to rescue the River


River rescue will be possible if the National River Conservation Commission  (NRCC) can make it independent and self-sufficient. Individuals and organizations that are destroying rivers and the environment must punish.

Speakers spoke this while attending a special discussion meeting titled “Rivers of Bangladesh” at Sagar-Runi Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, a joint venture of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), বাংলাদেশ নদী বাঁচাও আন্দোলন-Save The River Movement, and The River Alliance.

Under the presidency of Prof. Khandaker Bazlul Haque, Vice President of BAPA, Dr. Halim Dad Khan, Secretary of River and Water Resources Committee of BAPA, hosted the event.

Dr. Mujibur Rahman Hawladar, the former chairperson of the National River Protection Commission, presented the keynote address at the meeting.

Mujibur Rahman Hawlader said, “There is a provision of punishment for occupying rivers, but it is not enforced, as a result of which the occupiers have become more reckless. He cited figures from a rescue operation in 2019 when 32.37% of the occupants were evicted.

However, the rescue operation has slowed down in the last year and a half. He called for the speedy strengthening of the river commission and eviction of the remaining occupants.

He said river salvation would be possible if the National River Conservation Commission became independent, self-sufficient, self-financial, and administrative powers.”

Professor Khandaker Bazlul Haque said, “River carries the civilization and culture. That civilization and culture wipeout in the name of unplanned industrialization. He demanded punishment for those individuals and organizations destroying rivers and the environment.”

Sharmeen Murshid, Convener of the National River Alliance, said, “The state-owned enterprises and industries are responsible for the occupation and pollution of rivers in the country.

The government cannot avoid its responsibility. Those who are doing the law are not paying attention to the law. She said the National Rivers Alliance would work to implement the country’s river laws.

They are carrying out river rescue operations without properly demarcating the border. As a result, the prominent occupiers are afraid of getting permanent legitimacy in most cases. “

Sharif Jamil, General Secretary of BAPA, remarked that the ongoing rescue operation without proper implementation of the law by continuing the occupation and pollution is fatal for the River and the country in the end.

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