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illegal kilns have not stopped burning bricks despite fines
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Illegal kilns have not stopped burning bricks despite fines

Illegal kilns have not stopped burning bricks despite fines


Bangladesh News: In the Jolagati village of Kaukhali Upazila of Pirojpur District, an allegation comes out regarding using a traditional drum chimney to burn woods in brick kilns.

Jasim Khan burned bricks in the kiln for two years without getting clearance from the Department of Environment (Bangladesh)- DEO and a license from the deputy commissioner. The DOE and the district administration fined the kiln owner twice. However, the owner continues to burn brick using wood.

The ” Bangladesh Brick Manufacturing and Brick Kiln Establishment (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2019″ instructed to run brick kiln using zigzag and advanced technology chimney instead of drum chimney.

In this case, one has to get a license from the deputy commissioner. The law provides for jail and a fine if a brick kiln is constructed without the DOE’s clearance and a license from the Deputy Commissioner, Pirojpur District.

Jasim Khan’s workers have made bricks at low tide on cropland near the Kacha River in Jolagati village of the Upazila. Jasim Khan is making bricks by cutting soil from the banks of river chars and canals in the southern part of Bangladesh.

According to locals, administration personnel does not visit the site because the brick kiln is remote. However, in response to the locals’ allegations, Executive Magistrate Nawrin Haque of the DOE’s Barisal office conducted a raid on the kiln on January 18, 2022.

At that time, the mobile court broke the drum chimney and fined Jasim Khan 0.2 million for demolishing it without permission from the DOE. Jasim Khan started burning bricks again using wood and drum chimneys a few days later.

The locals then complained to the deputy commissioner. On March 1, 2022, a mobile court operation conducts under the leadership of Nezarat Deputy Collector and Executive Magistrate Al Imran Khan of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

Nezarat Deputy Collector of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office Al Imran Khan said, “It took a long time to carry out the operation as the brickfield is remote. We raided there once and imposed fines. This time we will demolish it. “

Abdul Halim, director of the environment department’s Barisal office, said, “The drum chimney was broken once with a fine. Later they installed a drum chimney in there again.”

We will issue a Notice to the owner to stop the kiln. Mosa. Kaukhali Upazila Executive Officer Khaleda Khatun said, “The illegal brick kiln would demolish. The higher authorities will get informed in this regard.”

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