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illegal storage of medical waste in chattagram
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Illegal storage of medical waste in Chattagram

Illegal storage of medical waste in Chattagram

The Chattagram Department of Environment filed a case against three people for illegally storing and processing medical waste in Chattagram.

The case was registered at the Bandar police station on September 25, 2023. Muhammad Ashfakur Rahman, the Department of Environment inspector, filed the case as the plaintiff.

The case was filed under the Bangladesh Environment Protection Act, 1995 (amended 2013) and the Medical-Waste (Management and Processing) Rules, 2008.

The defendants in the case are – the owner of the Bhangari shop in the Anandabazar area under Bandar Thana No. 38. Taiyab, an employee. The owner of Tarvir and Chattagram private company

“Chittagram Seva Sanstha”. Land’s Uddin. Hillol Biswas, Director of the Chattagram Metropolitan Office of the Department of Environment, confirmed this information.

He said that the team of the Department of Environment conducted an operation on September 25, 2023, in the Bhangari shop in Ward No. 38 of Anandabazar area under Bandar Thana on charges of illegal and hazardous storage and processing of medical waste.

Forty-three sacks of medical waste were seized in the raid. The operation seized infected syringes, needles, canola, saline bottles, tubes, infected plastic waste, and black and yellow polythene.

It is known that a private organization named ‘Chittagram Sewa Sanstha’ is doing the work of collecting solid medical waste from the city’s hospitals and transporting it to the incinerator plant.

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