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illegal trading of canal soil
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Illegal trading of Canal soil

Illegal trading of Canal soil


The illegal digging and trading of soil from a government-owned canal have taken place in Tewariganj of Laxmipur Sadar Upazila, Bangladesh. Allegedly, local Political leaders have been trading canal earth to a brickfield for a long time by exerting influence.

The accused are:

  1. Al Mahmud Hossain Anupam, convener of Tewariganj, a Political party wing, and his younger brother of Tewari Ganj Union Parishad Chairman Hussain Ibn Omar
  2. Joynal Abedin, son of Rubel Hawlader, owner of the brickyard and
  3. Afzal Hawlader, general secretary of a political party’s Tewariganj Union Unit.

Kamal Uddin and Abul Kalam, two locals, have lodged a written complaint against the three to the Deputy Commissioner, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO), and Assistant Land Officer.

According to the complaint filed on March 28, 2022, they are digging soil from the government canal and cutting down the trees on the canal’s banks with the help of the Veku machine, defaming the Bhulua Water Management Committee.

The Upazila administration has directed the Upazila Assistant Engineer, Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC), Laxmipur, to investigate the allegations.

According to the locals and the complaint sources, the illegal digging of the canal named ‘Zillur Rahim’ of Andharamanik village of Tewariganj union gets done by using the name of Bhulua Water Management Committee. Without permission from the government, the influential local people are using their influence to sell the soil in the brickfield, and they have also cut down the government trees along the canal and sold it. Besides, the movement of the public disrupting.”

Al Mahmud Hossain Anupam, chairman of the Bhulu Water Management Committee, said, “We applied for digging of canals three years ago considering the water drainage problem in the farmers’ fields. But the concerned department did not listen. Thinking of the farmers, we decided to start digging the canal through an emergency meeting of the water management committee. However, the sale of canal soil in brick kilns is not valid.”

In this regard, Imran Hossain, executive Officer of Laxmipur Sadar Upazila, said, “I have received a written complaint about digging a canal without permission and selling soil in a brickfield and cutting down trees along the canal. The matter will investigate, and legal action will adopt.”

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