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In 2019, 220 Million Pounds Worth of Plastic Waste was Dumped in the Sea
Amila Khan Environment Pollution

In 2019, 220 Million Pounds Worth of Plastic Waste was Dumped in the Sea

In 2019, 220 Million Pounds Worth of Plastic Waste was Dumped in the Sea

By Amila Khan

Plastic waste is becoming a big problem in terms of environmental pollution. Above all, even in the world’s deepest seas, it is the single most destructive pollutant in terms of pollution, or almost imperishable.

In 2012, research revealed an estimated 165 million tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. More than 5 trillion plastics float in the seawater, and more than 14 million tons of plastics are deposited in the sea every year.

As one can see, in 2019, the rate of pollution of the sea is unimaginable only from the transport of various products of e-commerce companies and the plastic products used in its packaging. In 2019, the amount of such polluting plastic waste was 22.40 crore pounds.

The study was conducted by Oceanair, a research firm funded by the Oak Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and several other charitable foundations around the world.

Analyzing data from world-renowned e-commerce companies and packaging companies, Oceanair said the world-famous e-commerce company was at the forefront of the plastic pollution race.

Also, hundreds of large and medium-sized e-commerce companies worldwide are using a variety of plastics to wrap their products directly in water, which once flowed into canals, , swamps, rivers, and sewers.

Plastic pollution has been discussed for a long time. Plastic pollution has the greatest impact on marine fish species, the death of marine mammals, the death of sea turtles, adversely affecting the fauna’s food cycle, not only on marine fish but also on marine birds.

Various laws have been enacted to reduce the use of plastic in different countries of the world. But the widespread use of this plastic has not been reduced yet. It is as if nothing can be done, and nothing can stand against its use.

Various environmental organizations around the world have been vocal about this for a long time.
Awareness of the world’s largest online marketplaces, such as Amazon, could lead to significant progress, Oceanair said.

If they are responsible for protecting the environment, it is possible to get rid of this crisis gradually. And environmental organizations need to come forward more actively to create this responsibility.

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