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india fails to protect environmental health
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India fails to protect environmental health

India fails to protect environmental health


Pollution is the biggest Pandemic in the world today. That’s what environmentalists think. A few days ago, a survey revealed that in 2019, about 2.4 million people died in India due to pollution.

This time the ruling government of India has fallen in shame on the issue of environmental health. According to the Environmental Performance Index-2022, India ranks in the lowest position out of 180 countries. India, however, denied the list. There opined is the current study is unscientific.

The list of Environmental Performance Index-2022 has been published recently. The study was published jointly by the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and Columbia University. That is why India ranks 180th out of 180 countries on the list in terms of environmental health. According to that list, Pakistan is ahead of India and even Bangladesh.

It learned that in determining the standards of countries’ environmental health 40 indicators of 11 subjects were used, such as climate change, ecology, air pollution, etc. In that judgment, India has come lowest position, which India did not want to accept. India states that this list was made completely unscientific and based on conjecture.

The Ministry of Environment, India, opined that all the indicators used and how those used to make the list are unscientific and speculative.

However, experts at the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and Columbia University pointed to India’s failure to conserve green. They also considered India’s negligence in pollution and waste management.

Although India did not want to acknowledge the negligence in protecting the environment, several cities in India, including Delhi, are top polluters in the world, came up in multiple surveys. According to the  Lancet Planetary Health – Journals, of the 2.4 million people who died in India in 2019 due to pollution, 1.6 million were victims of air Pollution.

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