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Different species of guest birds have flown for shelter in Karatoya River
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Different species of guest birds have flown for shelter in Karatoya River

Different species of guest birds have flown for shelter in Karatoya River

Sadia Noor Portia(7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

The water of Cholonbil has dried up. There are fishes in all over ponds, pools, channels, canals. Helpless birds have taken shelter in the Karatoya River. Under the surveillance of the locals, the reservoir adjacent to the river bridge is now a bird sanctuary. The Karatoya River is located in the Naogaon area, near the border of Naogaon Union of Tarash Upazila under the Sirajganj district.

Credit – Daily-Sun

Local Zillur Rahman, Jaher Ali, Gopal Chandra Ghosh, Sabiha Khatun, Khadija Parvin said that every year, the guest birds come to Cholonbil in flocks during the winter season in search of food. Whole Cholonbil becomes filled up with various species of colourful guest bird’s chirping. However, as the water dries up after the rainy season, the birds start to gather in the Karatoya River.

Thousands of birds can be seen in the reservoir of the Karatoya River. The reservoir area fills up with their chirping. Ducks swim in the water in groups. There are small cormorant, large cormorant, white egret, grey egret, and kingfisher sitting on the tree branch. At times, the birds fly in flocks from tree branches and water, being attacked by Falcon. All in all, a pleasant atmosphere.

In this regard, Rajshahi Divisional Forest Officer Ahmed Niamur Rahman said that the surveillance has been increased to protect the birds of the Karatoya river, locally as well as administratively, in the interest of preserving natural balance and biodiversity.

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