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marine fish and biodiversity are at risk due to marine pollution
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Marine Fish and biodiversity are at risk due to marine pollution

Marine Fish and biodiversity are at risk due to marine pollution


Ocean pollution is one of the human-made causes that are destroying the earth. This continuous pollution has been increasing in the last few decades.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, in the urge to survive, people continue to pollute the environment along with the sea.

Sometimes ignorance about pollution is also largely responsible for this. Marine pollution does not mainly occur directly but somewhat indirectly pollutes more.

People throw garbage, plastic bottles, non-biodegradable materials, and chemical products here and there; those get mixed with agricultural irrigation water and rainwater and fall into our surrounding ponds, canals, and drains. All this garbage keeps floating to the river and ends up in the sea.

Fishing boats, oil tankers, and other vessels directly discharge various pollutants into the sea, also known as open dumping.

Polythene and plastic bottles mix with the environment and end up in the ocean. As a result, marine aquatic flora and fauna keep damaging along with the environment. Sea fishing is declining. Fish reproduction is decreasing. Marine biodiversity is destroying.

Numerous plastic bottles, polythene bags, plastic boxes, fish boxes, vehicle tires, nets, ropes, and other plastic wastes are now visible in the sea. There are also many miniature plastic products known as microplastics.

River and sea pollution are the results of environmental pollution, and many Fish and aquatic plants have been lost forever from the sea. Since ancient times, most of the cities-towns-ports has built on the banks of rivers, followed by waste management.

However, with the change of era, people are gradually increasing in the cities, and the amount of waste produced is also increasing. However, proper waste management still needs to be followed, which is currently a dire environmental threat.

Nowadays, agriculture’s main means of meeting the growing population’s food needs have changed drastically. Farmers use different pesticides in the hope of more yield on less land.

Later, these harmful pesticides mix with rain water, get mixed with the river estuary water and eventually fall into the sea.

Dead zones are formed in the sea when the pollution in the sea increases. It is an area where pollution causes a lack of oxygen, and no animal can survive in that place. In scientific terms, this happens due to the increase in nitrogen and phosphorus in that place. There are several reasons why dead zones occur.

Soil and water mixed with natural fertilizers used in agriculture, polluted water discharged from urban areas, harmful chemicals, oil discharges, etc. On the other hand, the oil used to run the engines, and other parts of sea-going ships discharge into the sea.

Moreover, such discharges may be due to seafarers’ negligence or may be intentional. Even after enacting international laws and policies, preventing it has not been possible.

Sea travel has become very popular these days. Luxury hotels, resorts, and artificial islands have been built in the ocean for leisure for rich and luxurious people.

Some of the respective companies operate their cruises. A large amount of waste from the daily use of ship passengers is being thrown directly into the sea this morning.

Sea travel is not to blame, but sea pollution is unacceptable. Marine pollution and environmental pollution are serious crimes.

The ocean has a close relationship with human life. The sea cannot ignore in any way, and indiscriminate oppression of the sea is not desirable.

The great creator Allah Rabbul Alamin created the sea for the benefit of people. Plastic products are one of the causes of ocean pollution. Plastic waste spoils the ocean’s beauty and harms the marine ecosystem.

All this human negligence is forcing the sea to assume a terrible shape. Oceans are home to thousands of animal species and an essential source of natural resources for humans.

The ocean is the final destination of plastic bottles, polythene, chip packets, and straws that throw away every moment worldwide.

These plastic products keep floating in the sea for years and go from one place to another through the waves, forming a blanket over the ocean. Many marine animals depend on small animal particles and plant particles floating in the sea for food.

However, when a large amount of plastic is floating in the oceans around the world, it is seriously hampering the production process of these plants. As a result, the food supply source for marine animals gets blocked.

Although seawater is not drinkable due to salinity, seawater is essential to meet the needs of drinking mineral salts and protect biodiversity.

The sea is constantly being destroyed due to our minor negligence every day. We should adopt awareness of the disposal of all types of waste, including daily-use waste.

The sea has not yet completely turned into a wreck. However, if sea pollution continues like this, the adverse reaction of the polluted area will seriously affect marine life and land life.

The ocean is equivalent to the blood flow of the earth. Just as humans cannot survive if the bloodstream pollutes, the earth cannot survive if the ocean pollutes.

Therefore, individual, local, regional and global awareness should raise, and collective initiatives should take to reduce marine pollution.

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