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measures should take to compensate for climate change
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Measures should take to compensate for climate change

Measures should take to compensate for climate change

Governments have been urged to take necessary steps to recover climate change compensation from countries responsible for excess carbon emissions.

Recently, at an advocacy meeting held in Rajshahi, the speakers placed this demand.

The Association for Community Development(ACD) organized the meeting, and the Carter Center managed the meeting.

This advocacy meeting was held under the project ‘Advancement of Women’s Right to Information in Bangladesh’ on Climate Change Adaptation, Justice, and Social Accountability.

Salima Sarwar, Executive Director of ACD, and Roxana Afroze, Program Officer of the Carter Center, addressed the meeting on behalf of their respective institutions.

 Subrata Kumar Pal, project coordinator, led a meeting to improve transparency and accountability in government and private organizations. Senior officials from different government departments, representatives from private organizations, local government, media personalities, and project stakeholders attended the meeting. The main objective was to guarantee women’s access to information.

At the beginning of the meeting, a PowerPoint presentation outlined the project’s goals, objectives, climate change adaptation, ensuring justice and social accountability.

In the context of the presentation, the role of women in building a social movement to combat climate change is mentioned as very important. Since climate change is challenging, adaptation is also discussed in the meeting, while emphasis is placed on ensuring social accountability.

Farhad Hossain, Director of the Directorate of Mass Communication as a negotiator, and Dr. MA Kashem, Additional Chief Engineer of Barendra Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) were present in the session.

Shariful Haque, Supervising Engineer and project director highlighted key issues, including the context of climate change. And they urged everyone to take effective initiatives to combat drought in the Barendra region.

The speakers in the meeting said that the Barendra region is facing social and cultural damage due to the impact of climate change.

Considering the current socio-economic situation, the budget allocated to deal with its adverse effects needs to be revised, and expenditure transparency is also essential. On the other hand, women and children are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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