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By poisoning 11 Monkeys of Rare Species were killed in Charmuguria, Bangladesh
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By Poisoning 11 Monkeys of Rare Species were killed in Charmuguria, Bangladesh

By poisoning 11 Monkeys of Rare Species were killed in Charmuguria, Bangladesh

People all over the world are working together to save nature, biodiversity, and animals. But a cruel incident took place in Bangladesh where some wild animals have been killed by rogues, 11 Monkeys of rare species were killed by poisoning in Madaripur, Bangladesh.

The locals are agitated against this type of crime. Because people are now more aware of saving wild animals than before. Despite that this kind of crime is completely irrational. Every local people are shocked at this incident.

The incident took place in an area of Charmuguria of Madaripur, Bangladesh. There some rogues did this heinous crime.

This crime happened on 5th May 2020. According to the locals, these monkeys have been living with people in the Charmuguria port area for centuries. On the evening of the occurrence day, some evildoers poisoned the monkeys. As a result, 11 monkeys died that night.

The next morning, one half-dead monkey was found with the other monkey’s dead body. Which was taken to the livestock hospital and being treated? The locals buried the dead monkeys. It was known by some local persons that an owner of a local bakery house has poisoned the monkeys.

The locals informed that sometimes the monkeys used to attack people’s houses in search of food. But nobody ever killed them. The area of Charmuguria surrounded by River Arial-Khan is full of wild and fruit trees.

Before the independence war of Bangladesh, there were almost 10 thousand monkeys lived there. Monkeys used to live there freely as Charmuguria was covered by trees and forests. According to the District Forest Department report, around 2500 monkeys are still living there.

The Madaripur Unnayan Sangram Parishad (Madaripur Development Committee) has claimed justice for the killing of the monkeys. Convener of Madaripur Unnayan Sangram Parishad Mr. Masud Parvez said,

“The monkeys are the heritage of Madaripur. Humans and the monkeys have lived like neighbors for centuries. But some inhuman have killed them.”

According to the sources, An Eco-Park within 18 acres of land area has been established for the monkeys in Nayachar situated at the bank of Kumar river in Madaripur Sadar Upazila. But the monkeys haven’t been taken there yet.

It was also known that several numbers of cases were filed at the respective police station against the killing of monkeys.

Source: GreenPage

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