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moynadip is famous for the arrival of guest birds.
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Moynadip is famous for the arrival of guest birds.

Moynadip is famous for the arrival of guest birds.


Noakhali University of Science and Technology (Nobiprobi) is a green land of natural beauty. Guest birds flock around the university’s moynadip to announce the arrival of winter at the end of the autumn. The university campus became a hotbed of the bird’s chirpings.

Guest birds usually come to this country from temperate countries. They come from distant Tibet, Siberia, the Himalayas, Mongolia and other European countries for a few months to escape the severe winter.

Every year when winter comes, the guest birds gather on the moynadip of the university. This year also the arrival of guest birds is seen. Among these birds, there are various birds, including Lesser whistling duck, Northern Shoveler duck and Bali ducks.

As the sun rises on a foggy morning, a flock of birds starts to roam between the red water lilies and hyacinth flowers and islands waters. The island is buzzing with the chirping of birds. The campus is buzzing. As if the Nobiprabi courtyard has become a favorite place of birds.

Every day the students of the campus gather to watch the birds chirping. Outside tourists also came. Photographers do hobby photo sessions with birds. Rafiqul Islam Tanjim, finance secretary of Nobiprabi Photography Club and a student in the education administration department, said the arrival of guest birds had created a bird kingdom around Santiniketan.

The nature of the birds chirping has created a different environment. Birds need to refrain from doing things they are afraid of, and everyone should be aware of their conservation.

Ekina Shaki Esha, a Bangladesh and Liberation War Studies Department student, said, “Our campus is buzzing with the chirping of guest birds with the onset of winter.

As a result, the beauty of the campus seems to be multiplying. If bird hunting is stopped and moynadip is developed as a bird sanctuary, the number of birds will increase every year, and at the same time, the beauty of Nobiprabi will also increase.

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