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climate change going to effects everyone regardless of anyones social status
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Climate change going to effects everyone regardless of anyone’s social status

Climate change going to effects everyone regardless of anyone’s social status


The village Gabura in Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira, Bangladesh, is quite known to climate activists from the national and international border. Everyone was affected in Gabura village regardless of their social status.

The people of the area could not stand after Cyclone Aila. Lack of drinking water. Saltwater has entered the pond. Saltwater has infiltrated the crop fields and made the fields barren.

Crop does not grow well. Those who were able to leave the area have left. Rich people rush to the city and live in a rented house. Poor have also taken shelter in slums with their families. They lost their jobs, lost their land, lost their homes. They are now Climate Refugees.

The effects of climate change are now very evident in the southern districts of Bangladesh. Especially in the coastal communities, the problem of drinking water is getting worse and worse. Water is not available even in deep tube wells.

Some NGOs are making arrangements to retain rainwater. Again, everyone is trying to drink the water from their ponds. However, such a water crisis upset women the most.

They can’t maintain their hygiene due to a lack of water. As a result, they are suffering from various diseases. One out of three people in those areas now suffers from high blood pressure due to saltwater.

Each country has submitted its plan to the United Nations to keep the global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Bangladesh plans to reduce carbon emissions by 21.85 percent by 2030.

Bangladesh informed that, unless taking extraordinary measures, the projected greenhouse gas emission would be 409.4 million tons by 2030. However, if the plan got implemented, the emissions might reduce to 319.94 million tons.

The storm surge is increasing year after year. Several sudden floods are happening. Many areas of Satkhira are now underwater. Rivers, streams and ponds are becoming monotonous. There is no crop

River erosion increasing the coast’s embankment is breaking due to the rising tide. As a result, salt water is entering and destroying the cultivable land. Similarly, people’s shelter is getting lost. Those who used to depend on agriculture are no longer getting jobs. They are running in the city. Some are leaving with family, some leaving their family behind.

They are not just coming to Dhaka. They are also going to other divisional cities and going to the district town. Those who cannot afford it are building temporary settlements on the Sea Dyke. City slums are now also in villages above the dam.

According to the World Bank, by 2050, as a result of climate change, 13.3 million people in the coastal areas of Bangladesh will lose their homes.

In a virtual seminar, Shahriar Alam, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, recently said, “One crore people of Bangladesh have already become climate refugees.”

According to the World Bank, four lakh people are now permanently moving to cities in Bangladesh every year. This number is like two thousand every day. Eighty percent of them are climate refugees.

According to an environmentalist of Mongla Upazila of Bagerhat, “climate change affects both rich and poor. No one is spared from the negative impact on health due to climate change. “

 “People are becoming climate refugees every day. Someone is going to Khulna after losing his job. Some are going to Narayanganj, some are going to Dhaka. If he can’t find a suitable work there, he is driving a rickshaw,” the environmentalist added.

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