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mumbai (india) is gradually sinking into the sea
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Mumbai (India) is gradually sinking into the Sea

Mumbai (India) is gradually sinking into the Sea


The black shadow of global warming is gradually approaching civilization. Polar ice is melting rapidly. Experts said that many vital cities worldwide are sinking little by little every year this time.

Moreover, that list includes the commercial city of Mumbai, India. According to researchers, the capital of Maharashtra is sinking by an average of 2 mm every year.

A research paper published in “Geophysical Research Letters” has expressed such fears. It said, “Mumbai is the seventh-largest city in the world in terms of population.

About 20 million people live here. An essential part of the city is sinking fast. About 2 mm per year.”

According to the researchers, data from Mumbai between 2015 and 2020 indicates this.

The study has conducted in 99 cities. It has been observed that the situation in Tianjin, China is much worse than in Mumbai.

The city submerges by 5.2 cm of water every year. At the top of the list are Jakarta in Indonesia (3.44 cm per year), Shanghai in China (2.94 cm per year), Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam (2.81 mm per year), and Hanoi (2.44 mm per year).

Last year, the IPCC, the United Nations (UN) climate change panel, was concerned about the weather in South Asia, including India. They fear that the monsoon period will increase.

At the same time, global warming will result in drought. Scientists predict that the level of heat waves in South Asia, especially in the Indian subcontinent, will increase further. The winter season will decrease. With that, the number of cyclones and droughts will increase rapidly.

Global warming is not the only ‘villain.’ According to the study, the impact of various projects such as groundwater abstraction, mining, and natural wetland restoration is causing such disasters.

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