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5:47 pm | July 29, 2021
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NASA Confirms Evidence of Dead Rivers on Mars
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NASA Confirms Evidence of Dead Rivers on Mars

NASA Confirms Evidence of Dead Rivers on Mars,

But British Columbia Claims It Glacier Melting, Not Flowing Rivers.

By Adnan Mahfuz

Is there any evidence of water on Mars? Massive gorges, valleys, and dead river fossils have repeatedly raised this question. Astronomers have speculated that NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on the red planet Jezero Crater, which once carried large rivers.

However, scientists at the University of British Columbia have claimed that a piece of ice is frozen on Mars’s back. There is a huge mountain of ice standing up.

Below it, there is a stream of water.

There is no evidence yet that the river flows across the back of Mars. The study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

NASA says there are fossils of dead rivers on Mars, British Columbia says it is not the river but the ice water that is dormant, the life of the day and night of the earth is almost the same as the life of the day and night of Mars.

The red planet takes a little longer than the time it takes for the earth to rotate in its orbit (23 hours 56 minutes). A day on Mars (day and night combined) as a clock is a little bit bigger than ours.

Its length is between 24 hours, 37 minutes, and 24 hours 39 minutes.

Scientists have seen images sent by NASA’s Miss Curiosity rover, saying there were once large rivers on Mars. Less than 17 thousand kilometers in length. In the Red Planet’s northern hemisphere, traces of the fossils of all those large rivers have found in the vast expanse of the Arabian Terra.

About 4 billion years ago, large rivers flowed across the Arabian Terra in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

Anna Galloway, a scientist at British Columbia’s Earth, Ocean, and Atmosphere Science, says thousands of valleys on Mars have analyzed in a new way. This means that there is a layer of ice, not a river, on the red planet. That ice is melting into water. That water is dormant under a big iceberg.

Researchers in British Columbia say hundreds of such valleys have found on Mars over the past 40 years. These valleys differ from each other in size and circumference.

As a river flows through a valley on earth, glaciers freeze somewhere. The same is true on Mars. About 10,000 such ‘Martian valleys’ have analyzed in the new Karam algorithm.

That is the proof.

North Polar Ice Cap can see north of Mars. Even in the south, under the rough-friendly soil, such ice-melting water secretly fills the mouth. Scientists say there is evidence of a layer of ice up to 115 feet deep on Mars’s back. Most of the water ice is at the poles of the red planet.

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