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NASA Confirms the Dent in Earth's Protective Shield Getting Wider
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environmental Science

NASA Confirms the Dent in Earth’s Protective Shield Getting Wider

NASA Confirms the Dent in Earth’s Protective Shield Getting Wider

By Adnan Mahfuz

Again, the danger. The Earth-saving Shield found a hole. This could endanger the world’s weather. Scientists at the US space agency NASA says the tunnel is growing in size.

They say that the thick mantle spread worldwide; a part of it has become so thin that it is taking the shape of a hole.

NASA researchers call this phenomenon South Atlantic Anomaly or SAA. It was named after South America and the South Atlantic Ocean. NASA researchers report that the mantle has become so thin or flexible in one place that it is gradually splitting in two, increasing the size of the hole.

The Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, which protects the entire planet from the sun’s harmful rays.
This SAA has a vital role to play in protecting the entire fauna. As a result, if SAA is damaged, the lives and existence of humans and other animals will be endangered.

According to NASA, NASA’s geologists are also monitoring the South Atlantic anomaly. Scientists are thinking about the way this lining is gradually losing energy.

This will allow the sun’s harmful rays or various harmful particles to reach the Earth’s surface, which is awful news for the Earth’s atmosphere and weather.

Note that SAA has been building on the surface of the Earth for several decades. But now the rate of thinning of its lining has increased.

This is having the most significant impact on the world’s satellite missions. Scientists say the magnetic field is stretching as it expands. Due to which SAA has started to get thinner.

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