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 natural disasters caused the keora trees of kuakata beach in sundarbans are dying
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 Natural disasters caused the Keora trees of Kuakata Beach in Sundarbans are dying

 Natural disasters caused the Keora trees of Kuakata Beach in Sundarbans are dying

Keora species trees are dying in the reserved forest area of Kuakata ‘s Gangamati area of Sundarbans. The risk of disaster is growing because the forest trees, which protect people on the coast from natural disasters like storms, are dying.

The Bangladesh forest department claims that due to the effects of climate change, these trees are dying due to high tides and accumulation of sand on the beaches.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Divisional Forest Officer of Patuakhali, Bangladesh, said, “Trees are being planted on the beach every year.

However, due to climate change, sea levels are rising, and high tides are hitting beaches. With this tide, a lot of sand accumulates on the beach and the roots of trees are covered in this sand. In this way, the roots are covered, and the plants are dying.”

He said that at least 10,000 Keora trees die every year.

Mohiuddin of Gangamati area earned his livelihood by fishing in the sea. He said that from the places where the trees have died and become hollow, the huge waves of the sea hit the coast directly and severe erosion occurs.

Another fisherman Abul Kalam said, “The trees are dying one by one, it is increasing the risk for us.”

He thinks that it is necessary to find the reason for the death of the trees and take measures to plant them again.

Rumman Imtiaz Tushar, president of the Tour Operators Association of Kuakata (TOAK), said that local and foreign tourists come to Kuakata because of the opportunity to stand on Kuakata beach and watch the sunrise and sunset.

“Besides seeing the sea, the visiting tourists enjoy the natural beauty of the place with green forests. But the trees in the Gangamati area of the beach are decreasing. It is important to take various initiatives, including planned afforestation, to enhance the beauty of Kuakata beach,” he advised.”

Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, said that beach trees play an important role in protecting the beach from various disasters including storms and floods.

At one time there were coconut plantations on the beach, but these have disappeared due to the continued erosion of the beach. The number of local and foreign tourists will increase if Kuakata Beach is protected from erosion and greened.

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