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the khulna and the satkhira districts of bangladesh will become a part of the sea
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The Khulna and the Satkhira Districts of Bangladesh will become a part of the sea

The Khulna and the Satkhira Districts of Bangladesh will become a part of the sea

Khulna District and Satkhira District rezones of Bangladesh will become a part of the sea. Professor Ainun Nishat, an expert on water resources management and climate change, is worried about the spreading of saltiness in the country’s coastal areas.

He said that Khulna-Satkhira will become a part of the sea in the near future. Salt water will flow from Rajshahi to Ashuganj via Sirajganj. Even the surroundings of Dhaka city will become salty.

Ainun Nishat said these things at a national dialogue titled ‘Coastal Livelihood: Crisis and Action’ organized by the environmentalist organization ‘Dhritri Rakshaye Amra (DHARA)’ at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Apriol 08, 2024.

He said, “The southwest coast will disappear into the sea and the salinity will penetrate further inland. It will even reach Dhaka city. Dhaka city is very high.”

“Dhaka city is 25 feet above sea level. But the height of Kamrangi Char and Jinjira near Dhaka city is four-five feet. As a result, the area will be flooded with salt water in the future, which will increase our crisis,” he described.

Ainun Nishat said, “Nature is changing. We have to understand this nature. Bangladesh’s six seasons have become four seasons today. There is no rain in the rainy season now.”

“As a result, the crisis in life is increasing. So, the people of the coast are not good. Coastal tides and disasters will increase in the coming days, which should increase preparedness. Community participation must be ensured in this work,” he added.

Archbishop Vijay Nisphorus D’Cruz, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Dhaka, chaired a dialogue. Mir Muhammad Ali, the chairman of the Aquaculture Department at Sherebangla Agricultural University, and Sharif Jamil, the member secretary, moderated the dialogue.

During the dialogue, concept papers were presented by the Research and Program Implementation Manager of the Blue Planet Initiative. Iqbal Farooq.

Former Member of Parliament Advocate Gloria Jharna Sarkar, former Chairman of National River Protection Commission, spoke in the dialogue. Mujibur Rahman Hawladar, Sharmin Murshid (co-convener), MS Siddiqui (private advisor of Bangladesh Competition Commission), Nikhil Chandra Bhadra (coordinator of AMR for coastal protection), Noor Alam Sheikh (coordinator of AMR for protection of Sundarbans), Sanjida Rahman (coordinator of AMR for protection of elections), and Pragya Noor (school student).

Gloria Jharna Sarkar said that the people who are damaging the river and taking over the canal are part of our society and family. Power is always in their presence. Everyone in the society, including social well-wishers and scholars, must work together to protect the river and the environment.”

Mujibur Rahman Howladar said, “Power plants cannot be built by occupying rivers and reservoirs. Illegal constructions built encroaching on the river must be removed. The river must be saved. Action should be taken against illegal occupants and accused government officials. Everyone should work together to save the environment.”

Sharif Jamil said, “The coast is very important among other environmentally sensitive areas of the country. Due to the risk of climate change, the ecosystem, including the people of the coast, is facing a crisis today.”

“Climate change and unplanned development are threatening the survival of coastal communities. All must work together to face this challenge,” he added.

In the president’s speech, Vijay Nisphorus D’Cruz said, “We hear the cries of the people on the coast. Let their cry also ring in our hearts. All the people of this world are brothers of God. We have to protect the environment to protect ourselves without getting into conflict.”

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