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Nature will get back to its proper health
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Nature will get back to its proper health with the Country’s wild plants

Nature will get back to its proper health with the Country’s wild plants

By Adnan Tazvir

Sylhet, Bangladesh: The rainy season is coming soon after the hot wood cracks. That is the actual time to plant trees. However, there is no alternative for selecting native species for planting trees. In a way, nature gets back all to its health.

That is when the birds return to nature. The group of ants comes back to the trees or has come back to the various types of biodiversity that have taken refuge in native species of trees. Through this, the earth becomes evergreen.

If a treeless hillock or rugged terrain is kept free, a few days later, various small and large trees can be seen to be born there. In this way, the soil awakens nature at its own pace. Then the trees grow there, and the various biodiversity comes back.

They are gradually creating a participatory background in controlling each other by creating a food chain. The components of this food chain gradually extend and play an important role in balancing the ecosystem.
When contacted on the occasion of World Earth Day on Thursday (April 22), Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Sylhet Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the Department of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation, mentioned planting and caring for native trees in nature conservation.

He said the significance of this day is to sustain the earth by protecting the environment and nature. For this, we have to take the right plan. Urbanization must stop us.

In this development era, it is not possible to stop industrialization. Because of industrialization, factories should not release carbon directly into nature. That means a carbon treatment plant (refinery) has to be set up. In addition, forestry must be considered. Forests cannot be used for any other purpose but to maintain the ecosystem. The forest’s resources cannot be allowed to be destroyed.

Another issue is that in forestation, must be select native species of trees.

Not only you have to plant trees, but you also have to take care of the planted trees from time to time. Then the success of tree planting will come to a large extent.

Referring to the importance of own land, he said, “There are 11,000 acres (4451.46 ha) own protected forest land of the Department of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation, Bangladesh. We will be planting various endangered fruit trees of native species for wildlife in these places in the upcoming monsoon.

“In this way, our wildlife will survive and expand the wildlife forest and will reduce harmful carbon dioxide by absorption by the forest. Our work is not finished just by planting, sometimes we will have to go and see the condition of the planted trees,” he added.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, DFO, Wildlife Division (Wildlife Management), said, “If forestation increases and industrialization decrease or increase with a system to purify harmful exhausted or effluents and vehicles control its harmful emission gases, then will improve the natural environment.”

Vehicles that use fossil fuels damaging the environment on a large scale and are liable to raise the average temperature on the earth’s surface.

“It is possible to protect the environment and nature by conserving the native species of plants including our protected forests,” said the Divisional Forest Officer of Sylhet Wildlife.

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