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Oxygen formed in the soil of Mars, The impossible accomplishment of Rover on red ground
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Oxygen formed in the soil of Mars

Oxygen formed in the soil of Mars. The impossible accomplishment of Rover on red ground

By Adnan Tazvir

A few days ago, NASA did a virtually impossible thing by flying a helicopter on Mars. This time NASA rover Perseverance has achieved another incredible feat.

This powerful six-wheeled Rover has produced the desired oxygen from carbon dioxide in the gravelly soil of the Red Planet. Scientists are naturally overwhelmed. They claim that this success will be a milestone for future astronauts.

This is the first time that oxygen production from carbon dioxide has been possible on Mars rather than Earth. In addition, the real craftsman of this success is a golden box that has the size of a car battery.
Its name is ‘Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment,’ i.e. MOXI.

In addition, salvation is the MOXI. This small device placed in front of the Rover has produced 5 grams of oxygen by dissolving carbon-di-oxide with the help of electricity and chemicals.

By the way, with those five grams of oxygen, you can breathe for tens of minutes under normal conditions. After the success of last April 20, MOXI will continue to experiment. For the time being, it aimed to produce 10 grams of oxygen per hour. Incidentally, not only oxygen but also carbon monoxide has been produced.

It is to be noted that Perseverance touched the ground of the red planet on February 18. The Rover has shocked since then. This is the first time it has been possible to record Mars’ sound because of it. However, one of the best successes came last Monday.

This is the first time a helicopter has been seen flying in the sky of another planet. NASA scientists and staff have been overwhelmed by the success of the US space agency’s helicopter ingenuity.

NASA helicopter was flying about 10 feet above the surface of Mars. Not only it does fly in the sky, but it also saw slowly descending to the ground. Moxie’s success has become a new feather in NASA’s crown.

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