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naval procession at barishal in bangladesh, aimed at building a green world
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Naval procession at Barishal in Bangladesh, aimed at building a green world

Naval procession at Barishal in Bangladesh, aimed at building a green world

People in the Vedic community in Barishal, Bangladesh, took a boat procession to demand the end of using harmful fossil fuels and investment in renewable energy to address the impact of climate change.

Environmentalist organization Youthnet for Climate Justice organizes programs calling for a greener world and a sustainable future through just transitions.

During Renewable Energy Week (May 31-June 6), 12 organizations and youth groups across the country are carrying out different programs with the support of Change Initiative.

In continuation of this, a naval procession was held in the Bukhāinagar river of Tungibaria union of Barishal Sadar Upazila on June 5, 2024, afternoon. The procession ends at Laharhat area after crossing Bighai, Kalabadar River.

At this time, people were holding banners and festoons with different slogans, and decorating boats with canopies. Eager people thronged the banks of the river to see this exceptional event. The procession was led by the respected Sardar of the Vedic community. Arifur Rahman, Program and partnership coordinator of Youthnet for Climate Justice, Ashiqur Rahman, District Coordinator of Youthnet, Mayuri Akhter, Departmental Coordinator of Youthnet, and other climate activists participated at the event.

Members of the Vedic community live on boats with their families throughout the year. Cooking, eating, sleeping, everything goes there. They make a living by catching fish. Currently, around 50 families of mantas are living in Laharhat area of Barishal District

. Their leader, Md Jasim said, “We fight storms and floods and run our family by catching fish in the river.”

naval procession at barishal in bangladesh, aimed at building a green world 2

“I don’t get fish in the river like before. The frequency of storms and floods is rising every day, making it our duty to support our family. In the dark of night, I worry about the children, what happens when they fall into the river. We lack access to electricity facilities,” he described disappointedly.

“If there was a system as an alternative to electricity, I could navigate the river with weather and cyclone news. Also, some of our families use solar panels. We are victims of fossil fuels without using them,” he further said.

During the procession, Youthnet’s spokesperson Arifur Rahman said, “The world is heating up because of the use of fossil fuels. As a result, the level of cyclone-tide is increasing day by day with abnormal changes in season.”

“Those who are left behind in society, like the Vedic community, are the most affected. So, everyone should encourage the use of renewable energy,” he added.

Young climate activists joined the movement to make the world habitable and to speak up more against climate change.

Young climate activist Ashiqur Rahman said, ‘We can ensure the use of renewable energy through the use of solar energy. Using solar energy will protect the environment, nature, and bring economic prosperity.”

Ashiqur Rahman, district coordinator of Youthnet, said that the developed world is facing various natural disasters in the developing countries due to excessive use of fossil fuels.

“To get rid of which we have no alternative to use renewable energy. We need support from all countries’ governments, including Bangladesh, as well as participation from all groups of people,” he added.

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