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No hospital At CRB, Chattagram is needed by means of chopped  trees
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No hospital at CRB, Chattagram is needed by means of chopped  trees

No hospital at CRB, Chattagram is needed by means of chopped  trees

Aivee Akther

Bangladesh: The Central Railway Building (CRB) in Chattagram is surrounded by 100-year-old trees and several tiny and big hills. Residents of the Chattagram city refer to this natural area as the city’s lungs.

Debate is going on a proposed hospital at CRB in Chittagong by cutting down trees some of the aged 100-years more

The question arises because Bangladesh Railway has begun the process of establishing a big hospital in the area. The authorities ignored the restrictions and opinions of people from different walks of life and professions.

It has been learned that all of the arrangements for the building of a 500-bedded hospital, including a 100-seated medical college in CRB through Public-private partnership (PPP), are nearly complete.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh railways and United Hospital Management Authority has reached an arrangement with United Enterprise & Company for this purpose. The first phase of the hospital’s construction has begun, following the signing of an agreement with the Bangladesh Railways on March 17, 2020.

As per the agreement, a 100-seated medical college,  a 50-seated nursing institute, and a 500-bedded hospital will establish close to the existing one.

Environmentalists and nature lovers have expressed their displeasure with the railway officials’ hasty decision.

Poet Ritu Parvi said, “ There are many century-old trees and hills, including some architectural and archeological culturally significant installations dating back to the British period.”

“If a hospital establishes in this heavenly location, a huge tinny lives of nature will have to leave from there, many plants will have to cut down, instead of that medical waste will produce, and stores will build around that” she worried.

Meanwhile, despite the agreement signed, the Bangladesh railway workers do not want a hospital in CRB. In the meantime, they have also given a memorandum to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

They claim to be in favor of the hospital. “There have many railway’s abandoned lands in the Chattagram city to build such types of hospitals. The influential people illegally occupied those. By rescue those land the proposed hospital can easily construct,” they expressed.

Regarding the construction of the hospital in the CRB, Abul Hashem, a  renowned poet, and journalist said, “There should not be any hospital or any form of installation in CRB.”

“The CRB is the Chattaram’s lungs. It needs to shelter to get enough fresh air,” he argued.

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