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no more vulture will see if diclofenac type medicine is used continuously in cows treatment
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No more vulture will see if Diclofenac type medicine is used continuously in Cows treatment

No more vulture will see if Diclofenac type medicine is used continuously in Cows treatment


A vulture breeding center has been set up at Pir Panjal in Himachal Pradesh, India. There are five more such vulture breeding centers in India. More than six thousand vultures are in these breeding centers. Dead Cows are kept next to the center in Pir Panjal in the morning. Vultures of different regions eat that cows.

In Bangladesh, in 2014, a ‘feeding station’ was created for vultures in the Rema-Kalenga forest of Habiganj District. The  Bangladesh Forest Department and IUCN Bangladesh look after this station.

Purchased cows’ dead bodies are released to the station twice a month during the breeding season. The vultures regularly eat it and make a roar of satisfaction.

About 11,000 vultures still survive in such small initiatives in the Indian subcontinent. In the eighties, there were about 40 million vultures in the region. In just two decades, 99 percent of vultures have disappeared. Now, most Bengal vultures survive in India. There are only 260 in Bangladesh.

Why did the vulture disappear from nature? In the late 90s, Vibu Prakash, an Indian researcher, said in his research paper, “There are no more vultures in the sky.

At such a time, the villages of our country became void of vultures. Even though the stench of dead cows is spreading in the cowshed, there is no one to eat it.”

After nearly ten years of research, Lindsay Oaks, an American researcher, said, “Vultures have disappeared due to diclofenac-like drugs used in animal treatment.”

That means if the cow dies due to using painkillers during treatment and if that dead cow eats a vulture, all the vultures die instantly from poisoning. In addition to diclofenac, ketoprofen, aceclofenac, and flunixin-like drugs have also been shown to cause vulture mortality.

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