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noise pollution is increasing in the dhaka city
Bangladesh Environment Pollution Md. Safiquzzaman

Noise pollution is increasing in the Dhaka city

Noise pollution is increasing in the Dhaka city

Noise pollution is increasing alarmingly in Dhaka city. The noise pollution in North City Corporation is more than the area under Dhaka South City Corporation.

Experts consider it a severe threat to public health. Many suggested declaring Dhaka city as a horn-free city to prevent noise pollution.

The Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) recently conducted a study on the level of noise pollution in Dhaka city.

According to their research data, the noise level in all areas of Dhaka exceeded the standard specified in the Noise Pollution (Control) Rules, 2006. In various parts of the city, the noise level was about 1.3 to 2 times more than the acceptable noise level.

In the area under Dhaka South City Corporation, the noise level was 76.80 decibels. The three road junctions with the highest levels of noise pollution are Newmarket Junction, Naya Paltan Junction, and Press Club Junction.

The level of noise pollution there is 100.65 decibels, 92.22 decibels, and 10.03 decibels, respectively.

Meanwhile, the noise level in the Dhaka North City Corporation area was 80.56 decibels. The highest level of noise pollution was found at the junction of the three roads – Mohammad Bus Stand Junction, Shia Mosque Junction, and Mascot Plaza Junction where the level of noise pollution was 99.77 decibels, 93.05 decibels, and 90.27 decibels, respectively.

In such a situation, the head of the research team, Professor Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumdar, suggested Dhaka city be declared horn-free. He said that hydraulic horns, which have been banned, should be strictly controlled. It should also ensure the awareness of passengers, drivers, and car owners.

 As per the Noise Pollution (Control) Rules, 2006, emphasis is placed on providing signposts in designated areas (quiet, residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed).

Abu Nasser, chairman of the Environment Protection Movement (PABA), said that the government and we should all be aware. It is difficult for the government or any single organization to solve the problem of noise pollution alone. So everyone should prevent noise pollution and work from their respective places.

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