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We need to be united againstfor climate change – Joe Biden
Amila Khan International Environment

Now is the time to take effective action to tackle climate change: Biden

Now is the time to take effective action to tackle climate change: Biden

BY Amila Khan

Climate change is one of the most important issues now, and now is the time to take effective action, said new US President Joe Biden. He has already signed the executive order in this regard.

In Washington DC on Wednesday, January 27, local time, he said that the United States must provide strong leadership in dealing with the current crisis.

The new US President Joe Biden is signing executive orders one after another. He passed a week of his US presidency last Wednesday.

On the same day, he signed an executive order to take effective measures to deal with climate risks and protect the environment, and in Washington DC, he said, not to waste time protecting the world. The United States must lead the way in resolving the climate crisis.

He said a conference would be held next April to highlight the US government’s response to climate change and the Democrats’ activities.

Almost all developing and underdeveloped countries, including Bangladesh, are at the highest risk of climate change and are the most vulnerable. All the less developed countries, including Bangladesh, are suffering from the developed countries’ carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, the Senate has finalized the appointment of Anthony Blinken as US Secretary of State.

Blinken has served as Deputy Secretary of state and tribal security adviser to former US President Barack Obama’s administration.

The Senate has approved several ministers since Biden was sworn in on January 20. Austin became one of the first black defense ministers in US history. And Yellen became the first woman finance minister in the United States.

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