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Stone Crushing Factories near Dhaka City Pollute the Local Environment
Bangladesh Environment Pollution

Stone Crushing Factories near Dhaka City Pollute the Local Environment

Stone Crushing Factories near Dhaka City Pollute the Local Environment

By Amila Khan

Dhaka, Bangladesh: The noise, dust pollutes the local environment, and the bed smell of stinking water by the Stone Crushing Factories located Birulia, Saver near Dhaka.

At present, these factories have become the thorns in the throats of the locals. According to locals, the two factories in Birulia have caused much dust and sand to spread around the residential area.

Child laborers also work in these factories, which is unfair. Besides, small and big accidents are constantly happening while the crushing factories’ vehicles are traveling on the road.

While visited at the spot, two factories were found located in the ferry terminal area of Birulia, which could be seen with such a dilapidated picture of environmental pollution.

Also, see that the contaminated water from the factories is flowing into the nearby crops field.
It is known that these so-called illegal factories have been operating without government permission for a long time.

A resident named Kabir told the press, “The noise of the cursing factories and the stench of dirty water made it impossible to live here. The windows of the house cannot be opened. My children sometimes have diarrhea and vomiting because of the stench. The stench and noise of this factory are causing us a lot of inconveniences”.

Rahmatullah’s house is next to the factories. He told the press, “There are so much stench and noise in these factories. I can’t stay anymore. It is impossible to stay indoors, let alone going out of the house. The condition of the cultivable lands next to us is terrible”.

Another resident, Rabeya, said, “We have to leave our homes under the oppression by these factories. Who listens to whom, even after saying so much, the factory’s owner doesn’t care about us. If you forbid it, the owner speaks hard instead. We have all appealed to the administration”.

Sharon, a factory manager, told the press, “We are cursing stones into small ones, and we also clean the rubbishes. This is not supposed to be a problem. Locals say we are blowing dust. If we work with water all day, then the dust will fly from where?”

Mr. Saidur Rahman Sujan, Chairman of Birulia Union Parishad, told the press, “These factories have been set up in the middle of the village, which is not justified.”

“And if you want to set up any organization in our jurisdiction, you must have a trade license. But these factories did not take any trade license from us. Locals have complained to the administration and me. I have talked to local administration while they assured me that necessary action would be taken soon.” He added.

Shamim Ara Nipa, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Savar, Dhaka, said, “I have received a complaint.” Necessary steps will be taken in this regard.

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