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our world is gradually changing due to climate change
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Our world is gradually changing due to climate change

Our world is gradually changing due to climate change

One of the main topics discussed in the world recently is the environment and climate change. The issue is not limited to the discussion table; it has now gone beyond the field-level movement.

The climate is the long-term (at least 30 years) average of the elements of the weather or atmosphere in a region.

Climate change refers to long-term and meaningful changes in the average climate of a place over 30 years or more. The Climate change of that area refers to significant changes in temperature or precipitation in a particular area within 30 years.

A long-term and significant change in the average climate of a place, which can range from a few centuries to a few hundred years, is called climate change.

Climate change depends on many natural processes. One of the biological processes that change the climate is the different dynamic processes of the earth, the level of solar radiation, the change in the direction of the earth’s axis, or the planet’s position around the sun.

Global warming caused by human-caused greenhouse gases is considered one of the leading causes of climate change, attributed to the rise in temperature due to increased carbon dioxide content. And due to the increase in temperature, the balance of the atmosphere is getting lost. After all, the climate is changing.

Not a particular region or population; people worldwide face climate change’s harmful effects. There is no reason to think that only underdeveloped countries will suffer the consequences. Especially in the last 20 years, this influence has spread from Asia, Europe, and Africa to the American continent.

According to a Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) study, more than 528,000 people have died due to global climate change in the last 20 years.

And as a direct result of this, 11,000 weather disasters occurred. Extreme droughts, extreme rains, catastrophic storms, severe winters, unbearable heat waves, coral floods, and landslides tell us that climate change is a harsh reality, a tangible challenge.

Dealing with the threat of climate change will require a united effort from every country. People should be alert and aware of climate change.

Black smoke reduces emissions in factories. Be reduced. Reduce the use of appliances that emit CFCs, and minimize the use of fossil fuels.

We must stop deforest plantations, and afforestation should be increased. The use of solar energy should be increased. We must explore Renewable energy must be explored. It should stop behavior against nature should be stopped.

The country’s government has taken many practical steps to deal with the adverse effects of climate change in Bangladesh. As a part, Bangladesh Climate Change Trust has been established and conducts various activities.

According to environmental and climate experts, now is the age of science and technology, the age of science-technology-innovation and finance, and we have many opportunities to tackle climate impacts that we must collectively exploit. Environment and climate change is a global challenge.

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