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climate change could lead to dire future of hunger and suffering
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Climate change could lead to dire future of hunger and suffering: United Nation

Climate change could lead to a dire future of hunger and suffering: United Nations.

UN human rights chief Volker Turk has warned that climate change could lead to a terrifying future, including hunger and suffering. Volker Turk strongly criticized the world leaders and said that the leaders only think in the short term to deal with the climate crisis.

Recently, Turk told the UN Human Rights Council about the Right to Food, “Crops, livestock herds, and ecosystems are being wiped out due to hostile weather.”

“As a result, members of different communities cannot help each other, and they cannot rebuild their lives,” he added.

Turk said, “In 2021, 828 million people were hungry. Due to climate change, another 80 million people are in danger of being added to this list by the middle of this century.

By 2050, about 900 million people will be at risk of starvation.

“The burning and melting of our environment is causing it to deteriorate rapidly. Lives are being devastated by a catastrophic flood. It is slowly leading to death. “It is dying,” he added.

He also commented, in the future, a terrible ‘dystopian’ future like a science fiction story is at our doorstep.

“Tackling climate change is like protecting human rights,” he said. We still have time. But now is that time.’

Turk also said in his speech, “We should not leave a future of hunger and suffering for our children and their children. And we can avoid it if we want.”

“Our generation has the most powerful technology in history. We can change this future,” Turk added.

Turk criticized world leaders for making promises and taking the initiative but failing to follow through and achieve long-term results. He called for an end to mindless subsidies to the fossil fuel sector.

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