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oxygen will reduce gradually
Aivee Akther Environmental Science

Oxygen will reduce gradually; most of the world’s life is at risk!

Oxygen will reduce gradually; most of the world’s life is at risk!


There is no shortage of oxygen in today’s world. But this oxygen-filled blue planet was not like that forever. Scientists fear that in the future, the Earth will be the same as in the past.

The atmosphere will fill with toxic methane. And there will be a negligible amount of oxygen. As a result, the world will return to its old appearance.

A research paper in this regard got published in the international scientific research journal ” Nature Geoscience” But why such a change?

Scientists have long ago predicted that the sun’s radiation would cause water to evaporate from the Earth’s oceans, rivers, canals, and other water bodies. Within 200 million years, the Earth will become lifeless due to dehydration.

But recent research suggests that lack of oxygen will destroy the abundance of life on Earth. Only microorganisms will survive on Earth.

Earlier, in a study published in the journal “New Scientist”, geologist Chris Reinhardt claimed that the rate of oxygen depletion is relatively rapid. New research also reveals the same scenario.

According to a new study, carbon dioxide has started to decrease due to the difference in the sun’s brightness. And reducing carbon dioxide means reducing the amount of Photosynthesis in plants.

As a result, less oxygen will produce. And because of that lack of oxygen, the Earth will one day become lifeless. Just like prehistoric times, only microorganisms will survive in the lifeless world.

In how many days can that happen? Scientists fear that in another 100 to 200 billion years, oxygen could disappear from the Earth. Scientists opined the challenge for researchers to address this situation is to look for life on another planet, such as methane or any other gaseous organism.

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