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pesticide free vegetable cultivation, in polynet house, at joypurhat, bangladesh
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Pesticide-free vegetable cultivation in ‘Polynet house’ at Joypurhat, Bangladesh

Pesticide-free vegetable cultivation in ‘Polynet house‘ at Joypurhat, Bangladesh

Farmers in the remote areas of Panchbibi Upazila of Joypurhat District are cultivating vegetables in ‘Polynet houses” in a poison-free manner through the extension of modern technology.

Agricultural experts said that this method plays a special role in the development of agriculture.

Polynet house‘ is an innovation of agricultural science to face the challenge of climate change. Rabiul Alam and Abdur Rahman, two farmers of Paschim Dhurail village of Kusumba Union of Panchbibi Upazila, are dreaming of success by cultivating vegetables using the ‘Polynet house‘ method.

According to the District Agriculture Extension Department, winter vegetables can produce in summer and summer vegetables in winter in Polynet houses. Particular weather will not affect it.

In a Polynet house, growing vegetables requires no pesticides and will be safe even in adverse environments like heavy rainfall, heat, insects, and viral disease.

Rabiul Alam, a farmer of West Dhurail village, said that the district agriculture extension department had constructed the Polynet house.

Minto Super and Bahubali varieties of tomatoes, Sundrop varieties of green chilies, BT varieties of brinjals, Queen Anne varieties of potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, heartbeat, carrots, lettuce, and other vegetables can easily grow in PolyNet House.

Farmer Abdur Rahman’s land size is Nine Katha. The iron angles used in the Polynet house prevent insects from entering. There is modern irrigation technology. The agriculture department paid the entire cost to make the Polynet house.

Abdur Rahman and Rabiul Alam earn their living by working in the Polynet house. Abdur Rahman said, “The Agriculture Department constructed the Polynet House last October. The demand for vegetables produced in Polynet houses is comparatively high. Because of that, we are benefiting by cultivating high-quality vegetables.”

Rabiul said, “Besides vegetable cultivation in Polynet House, I have cultivated lettuce and broccoli on 8 percent of the land outside. Vegetables grown outdoors are prone to insects, but vegetables grown in a Polynet house are also very fresh.”

Lutfar Rahman, Agriculture Officer of Panchbibi Upazila, said, “The cultivation of vegetables in Polynet House has received a good response among the farmers of the area. The surrounding farmers are coming every day and getting inspired to learn about this method.”

Referring to ‘Polynet House’ as a role model in the field of agriculture in the cultivation of high-value vegetables, Agriculturist Rahela Parveen, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture Extension Directorate, said, “It is possible to get safe and poison-free vegetables from Polynet House throughout the year.”

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