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plan to triple renewable energy capacity to combat adverse climate impacts
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Plan to triple renewable energy capacity to combat adverse climate impacts

Plan to triple renewable energy capacity to combat adverse climate impacts

At the United Nations Climate Conference COP-28 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is planned to increase the world’s renewable energy capacity by 3 times by 2030. More than 110 countries are set to agree on December 9, 2023, to implement the proposal to boost renewable energy.

Efforts will ultimately be made at the United Nations Climate Change Conference to implement the proposal.

The proposal was supported by the European Union, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, the host country of the COP-28 conference, which aims to reduce global warming this decade.

President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen, speaking about renewable energy on November 30, 2-023, the opening day of the COP-28 conference, said that more than 110 countries have already joined the UN climate conference.

All the countries present have been urged to decide on various other proposals in addition to the proposal to increase renewable energy.

The question is whether the governments and various institutions will invest in implementing this proposal or achieving the goal. Installation of renewable energy like solar and wind is increasing worldwide.

But its rising costs, labor constraints, and supply problems. As a result, such projects are being canceled.

Officials said a consensus of about 200 countries attending the UN climate summit is needed to decide on a proposal to increase renewable energy. Meanwhile, China and India have already signaled their support for tripling global renewable energy by 2030.

South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Canada, Chile, and Barbados are also in the conference.

The objective of the United Nations Climate Conference of the Parties (COP)-28 is to reduce the global use of fossil fuels gradually. Because burning coal, oil, and gas for energy production increases global temperature, so, the use of these fossil fuels should be reduced.

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