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 plantation is essential to protect the environment
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 Plantation is essential to protect the environment

 Plantation is essential to protect the environment

Plants have various uses in our daily life. From plants, we get various fruits, vegetables and grains.

The spices we use in our daily cooking are mainly obtained from plants. Plants are also very effective as medicine. Moreover, plants have no match in the decoration or beautification of the homestead.

Abundant trees mainly help to keep the atmosphere clean and cool. Where there is more vegetation and forests, there is good rainfall. As a result, cultivation and land crops are also better. Plants also play a very effective role in increasing soil fertility.

Moreover, plants also play a helpful role in preventing soil erosion, storms and floods. Any country needs 25% forest cover to maintain its ecological balance.

But the amount of forest land in our country is much less than that. The amount of forest cover in the country has decreased drastically in the last four decades.

The rate is particularly high in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region. Millions of Rohingyas from Myanmar’s Rakhine state have cleared massive tracts of forest to build homes.

In addition, many forests have been cut down for use as fuel and household appliances. Due to less forest area, our country is affected by various natural calamities every year. Floods, droughts, cyclones, cyclones, storms, tidal waves, etc., have become daily occurrences.

Some people are addicted to cutting down trees without any good reason, causing harm to nature. In addition, mountain cutting and mountain burning do not stop. Day by day the natural environment is under threat.

Tree plantation is of immense importance in maintaining environmental balance, economic development and poverty alleviation. If there were no plants, the surrounding environment would be warmer. The world would become a desert.

Therefore, cutting of trees and deforestation should be stopped. There is no alternative to planting trees to create a more liable beautiful world for future generations.

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