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plastic is now concerning the health and environment of the africa continent
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Plastic is now concerning the health and environment of the Africa continent

Plastic is now concerning the health and environment of the Africa continent


Plastic is a big problem not only in industrialized countries but also in continents like Africa. Since plastic is indecomposable by nature, it enters the ecosystem and hampers human health and the environment. An African activist is working tirelessly to stop the use of single-use plastic bags by raising awareness.

Sandra Idusu, as she is known, has taken an oath to safeguard the environment. To achieve her goal, she visited various schools and campaigned for it. Children, she believes, are the true “driving force” of change. Hence, the message of environmental protection will transmit throughout society, friends, and family by children.

According to her, in the interest of environmental development, should purchase locally produced products. Then carbon emissions will decrease. She came to Pahu Kapovi village and carried out the campaign.

There is a law in Benin (Nigeria) to ban plastic bags. Even so, in most cases, food often sells in plastic bags. The children grow up seeing this. However, Idusu explains to the children that these bags are harmful to the environment and health because they make of crude petroleum.

She reminds them of that through a campaign called ‘Sashe Elue’ or ‘Blasted Bag’. She told a school-going girl named Deo-Gracias klap, “We should avoid plastic bags. However, if there is an emergency, we can use it, but we will name it ‘blasted bag’. However, it is better not to use it at all, because it causes many diseases.”

Idusu helps a group of volunteers prepare for the Eco Run in Kotonu. The goal is to collect as much plastic waste as possible on the run. Hundreds of people have taken part in 20 such races so far in Benin.

They also talked to other people during the expedition. Everyone is taking the matter well. Karina Memeveni da Silva, a participant in the Echo Run, said, “I think it is a great initiative, it remaining as our contribution to the city. We want to show that Kotonu is important to us.”

Three years ago, Idusu formed an organization called “Social Engagement Action”. In addition to the garbage disposal event, they could approve the petition against the plastic bag by Parliament. Sandra Idusu said, “After the approval of that law, we have to raise awareness in the society.” 

“People need to understand why such bags are dangerous for their health and the environment. They also need to use force to implement the law,” she added.

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