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plastic man,is working to prevent environmental pollution
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‘Plastic man’ is working to prevent environmental pollution

‘Plastic man’ is working to prevent environmental pollution

Dakar is the capital of the West African country of Senegal. Yarakh beach is on one side of Dakar. Plastic bottles, polythene, various packets, dirt, and garbage mix in the sea along the beach’s edge.

This beach exemplifies how the world’s oceans are becoming a huge disaster. A mid-aged man is standing there wearing various plastic bags, hats, bottles, and garbage and trying to attract people’s attention.

The man’s name is Madhu Phal. He is 49 years old and a farmer by profession. People initially think of him as a crazy man. Then some media heard about him and found that he is an environmentalist.

He is working to prevent sea and environmental pollution by encouraging people not to use Plastic. The ultimate goal of his life is to clean up Senegal.

In an interview given to Al Jazeera, this environmentalist said, ‘Plastic is not only harmful to the sea but also harmful to people and the development of human civilization. People are part of the environment.

If the environment does not survive, how will people survive? My war is not a war to save the environment. My fight is to save our existence.”

After Al-Jazeera’s report and photo story, the world’s major media wrote about Madyu. Madyu is called ‘The Plastic Man’ in those reports.

Madyu also established an organization. The name is ‘Clean Senegal.’ In 2020, the government of Senegal passed a law banning the use of Plastic. However, this beach itself proves that the law has no particular application.

Walking along the beach, Madyu said, ” We cannot accept Climate change. We have to change our way of life. If we can change our small habits, the world will change positively.”

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