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6:35 am | June 14, 2021
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The River Baral of Rajshahi
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The River Baral of Rajshahi Is At Extinction

The River Baral of Rajshahi Is At Extinction, The Locals Are Demanding for Re-Excavation

Once Bangladesh was known as a river-mother country. But this recognition is now on the way to lose forever. The condition of the rivers of Bangladesh is no more like before.

The extinction of rivers in different areas is now a piece of common news in the dailies of Bangladesh. The rivers are extinct because of pollution and occupation. The rivers that were billowy once have turned into croplands now.

There is a river called Baral situated in the district of Rajshahi. Bangladesh. Once many people used to earn living by fishing in this river. People still depend on this for living.

But not by fishing, by cultivating crops. Now people don’t come here to fish, they come to enjoy tea in the stalls built by the side of the roads. Due to the occupation of both sides of the Baral River, it has turned into a narrow stream now.

The branch river Baral of the river Padma situated in the Charghat Upazilla of Rajshahi was once full of water. The local people were the fishermen of this river. But the condition of the river Baral was endangered since the sluice gate was built in 1980.

From then the wavy river started to lose its form. This happened due to a lack of maintenance of the sluice as well as the river. It should be modified or changed the projection system according to the environment and climate being changed.

The river Baral has been the victim of repeated corruption. There have been many projects for the development of the river Baral since the year 2010 but sadly nothing has come to work.

If Baral is not re-excavated right now as well modify the sluice system as per demand, the river will be vanish from the map in near future. The locals demand that the government should start the re-excavation of the river Baral now.

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