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another river has lost its course and become a garbage dump
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Another river has lost its course and become a garbage dump

Another river has lost its course and become a garbage dump


It knows that Dhalai is one of the rivers of Netrokona surrounded by canals and haors. The river flows through the Trimohoni area of ​​Purbadhala Upazila, passes through the Lalburia canal of Sadar Upazila, Hatkhala, Mahmudpur, Kunia, Uluati, Koyrati, Monkandia, Barshikura, Satpai, Moinpur, Chakpara, Rajurbazar and meets in the harikhali area by flowing over Dechalia streams.

There was a whole course in the Dhalai River in the Moinpur area of ​​Netrokona municipality. Then the river was full of waves. Small and big boats and launches used to float in the river.

The scenic beauty of the river has faded over time. The Dhalai river is full of garbage and water hyacinth. All of a sudden, the river looks like a garbage dump!

However, many people have swum in this Dhalai river in their childhood. Some used to make a living by fishing. Now looking at the river, it hurts. What the river used to be and what it has turned now!

Continuous occupation and extreme pollution are solely responsible for the death of the river.

Some of the local farmers shared their views regarding the Dhalai river. According to them, “We used to catch big fish in the river with our team in the past. We would transport a huge amount of paddy and jute to sell by boat. now the river is dying.”

Other inhabitants also expressed their grief over the death of the Dhalai river.

A housewife from the Moinpur area said, “We use the water of Dhalai river for bathing as there is no other option available. After bathing our body starts itching. Children’s sickness easily does not go away. “

Asim Uddin, a farmer from the Chawkpara area, said, ‘Human waste of many households directly dumped into the river through the sewerage line. Forget about drinking; it is even impossible to go near the river.”

At one time, the river had strong waves. Sailing boats sailed across the river. The city of Netrokona has formed around this river. The district’s trade, commerce, and civilization flourished by the side of this river.

People traveled in boats and took the farmers’ produce to the market for sale. The residents of both the banks have used the river water for bathing and household chores. Now in possession – pollution is almost dead today!

The river, which flows along the northwest side of Netrokona town, is getting evicted. Various structures, including houses, are getting built in the illegally occupied areas on the river banks. Several sewerage pipes of the Chainpara area are directly linked to the river.

The rivers became full of dirt and water hyacinth. The water in the river area at the Raju Bazar area has turned blue due to garbage. The existence of the river is now under threat due to pollution and encroachment.

M L Saikat, Executive engineer of Water Development Board at Netrokona division, said, “An estimate of Tk.20.85 million has been prepared for dredging the Dhalai river and a proposal has been sent to the planning commission. If approved, excavation work is going to begin next January 2022.”

He is hopeful that if the river gets dug, the city’s environment will be more beautiful than before.

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