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occupancy and pollution of banshi river (bangladesh) is ongoing by disobeying the court order
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Occupancy and pollution of Banshi River (Bangladesh) is ongoing by disobeying the court order

Occupancy and pollution of Banshi River (Bangladesh) is ongoing by disobeying the court order


The Environment Department, Bangladesh, has fined ten companies of Tk 0.530 million for illegally occupying and polluting the Banshi River in Savar, disobeying the court order.

The Bangshi River, sometimes known as Banshi or Bangshi, is a major tributary of the Maharashtra River. It comes from the Madhupur tract’s foothills. After entering Dhaka district around the savar and kaliakair Upazilas intersection, the river flows through the eastern half of Mymensingh district until it falls into the Pongli river.

Its flows downstream in the name of Bangshi after being divided by two more tributaries. In its northern sections, the river joins the Old Brahmaputra and eventually becomes a branch of the Old Brahmaputra.

The river is 238 kilometers long. At Mirzapur, the maximum flow is 1,000 cumecs, while the minimum flow is merely five cumecs. Only during the monsoon season is it passable.

An operation went on in the areas of Hemayetpur and Nayarhat in Savar. This information came out in a press release signed by Md. Zahurul Islam Talukder, Deputy Director of the Dhaka District Office, Department of Environment (Bangladesh).

According to the press release, the Department of Environment conducted a raid in the Nayahat area of ​​Savar for occupying and polluting the Banshi River in Savar in defiance of the directions of the High Court. Several factories were fined during the raid.

The Department of Environment also said that such mobile court activities would continue against illegal occupation and pollution in the banks of the river Banshi.

The Bangshi River was once an indispensable part of everyday life for the people of Nolam village in Savar on the outskirts of Dhaka.

However, over the last twenty years, the dumping of industrial waste has gradually turned the river into a source of misery for them.

Source: Banglapedia, The daily star.

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