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separate laws should make to avoid air pollution
Aivee Akther Bangladesh Environment Protection

Separate laws should make to avoid Air pollution

Separate laws should make to avoid Air pollution


The name Bangladesh often comes to the top in air pollution. Especially in some other cities, including Dhaka, the level of air pollution is at a terrible level.

In such a situation, the environmentalist organization Nature Loving People (NLP) has sent a letter to the stakeholders demanding a separate law to control air pollution.

The organization sent a letter to the Minister and Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the Director General of the Department of Environment, Bangladesh. Ehsanul Haque Jasim, President of the organization, sent this letter by post on behalf of NLP.

The letter demanded that the drafted Bangladesh Clean Air Act should turn into law immediately. Now we request to withdraw from the formulation of rules.

The level of air pollution in the country will not work with the rules. Various initiatives should take by enacting laws to control air pollution.

Moreover, if regulations have to make, they can be done after the Clean Air Act is enacted. Rules may make under this Act. Earlier, NLP demanded separate legislation.

Previously formulated the draft of ‘The Clean Air Act’ in 2019, but more than three years have passed without any prior improvement.

Many were expressing concern that the ‘Clean Air Bill-2019’ has not seen the light of day. In that concern, it has come to light that the law has not been enacted yet. Besides, Rules has formulated without making laws.

More than 90 percent of the residents of South Asian countries, including Bangladesh, are suffering from air pollution in one way or another.

Among these countries, Bangladesh has the highest number of people living in polluted areas. Air pollution kills 0.12 million people in Bangladesh every year.

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