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sheikh hasina is one of the five most influential people in climate change
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Sheikh Hasina is one of the five most influential people in climate change

Sheikh Hasina is one of the five most influential people in climate change

adnan mahfuz tazvir

The United Nations are organising the Global Conference on Climate COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.  More than 30,000 representatives from hundreds of countries, including US President Joe Biden, heads of state and government, ministers, parliamentarians, scientists, environmentalists and other public and private sectors, participated in it.

Environmentalists are protesting outside the conference venue.  Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish climate worker, took part in it.

Everyone wants countries to take immediate action to prevent climate change to protect future generations.  World leaders are united in their commitment to bring global warming and carbon emissions down to a tolerable level.

But the media may be focusing more on Biden or Thunberg. However, many more are pursuing climate talks in secret.

Influencing the agenda, The BBC has published a shortlist of five influential negotiators influencing the ongoing COP26 climate talks.  The list includes the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina.

In a special report published on Sunday, the media said that the success or failure of the COP26 conference depends mainly on these five influential people.

The BBC has named Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the spokesperson for those most at risk from climate change.  According to the report, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, spoke on behalf of the Climate Vulnerable Forum, an alliance of 48 countries most affected and at-risk by climate change.

She is an experienced and outspoken politician. She has practical experience in dealing with the effects of climate change.  Last year, one-fourth of Bangladesh’s land was submerged in floodwaters.  Sheikh Hasina shared her experience at the climate conference.

Commenting on Sheikh Hasina’s role, Jane Allen, an international relations analyst at Cardiff University in the UK, said, “When she speaks at a climate conference and shares her experience humanely, world leaders have the opportunity to learn about the real picture of the climate change.”

Not only that, through Sheikh Hasina, the emerging countries that became vulnerable to the effects of climate change raised their voices at the climate conference.  In the process of moving the discussion forward, they can utter their own words.

Jane Allen said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is raising the voice of these countries in the world court by impressing their economic importance. Because on the one hand, these countries have a moral right to speak as victims.

On the other hand, these countries have to directly suffer any good or bad consequences of any decision taken under the auspices of the United Nations.  This is the main reason why Sheikh Hasina is an essential person in the negotiation process of COP26.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the affected and at-risk countries have come up with specific goals in Glasgow, said Bangladeshi negotiator Kamrul Chowdhury, who participated in COP26.

He said more than 1 billion people in these countries are trapped in the trap of climate change.

They want to get out of this trap.

They want the industrialised and developed countries to reduce emissions and compensate under the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement. Sheikh Hasina has repeatedly made these demands in her speeches on behalf of the victims.

In addition to Sheikh Hasina, China’s experienced climate negotiator Xi Jinhua has been shortlisted.  He is known to be close to former US Secretary of State John Kerry. The two had a direct role in reaching an agreement on the Paris Agreement.

John Kerry is currently serving as the climate ambassador for the Joe Biden administration.

Despite retiring due to age, Beijing brought Xi Jinhua back to the climate talks earlier this year to use his experience and personal relationship with John Kerry.

In addition to highlighting China’s position and policy as the world’s largest carbon emitter in COP26, the Chinese negotiator is vocal in favour of poor and developing countries.

The list includes Ayman Shasly of Saudi Arabia. He is also the chairperson of the Arab Group of Climate Negotiators, Middle Eastern countries.es.

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