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Sheikh Hasina sees a deficit in global adaptation efforts
Amila Khan Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina sees a deficit in global adaptation efforts

Sheikh Hasina sees a deficit in global adaptation efforts

Sheikh Hasina sees a deficit in global adaptation efforts

In a virtual speech at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021in the Netherlands, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said a significant gap in the global efforts to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, delivered the welcome address before delivering the speech of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the conference. Bangladesh is serving as the President of the Climate Vulnerable Forum -CVA. The South Asian Office of Global Centre on Climate Adaptation is also here.

For the first time, the summit has created a platform with global leaders and local stakeholders to build the world’s capacity to cope with the adverse effects of climate change.

On Monday, December 25, 2021, the Prime Minister continued, “Necessary steps have been taken to adapt to the adverse effects already seen in Bangladesh by emphasizing the process of reducing future losses.

However, global adaptation measures are far from the necessary pace compared to the damage caused by the lack of funding and political will.”

“Bangladesh will play its key role in taking global adaptation steps in place of global leadership.” she hopped.  “With the help of the Netherlands, we have formulated the Bangladesh-Delta-Plan-2100.

As part of the celebration of the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, we have planted 11.5 million saplings. In addition, we have launched a program called Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan, “she informed.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that she had taken 789 programs from his Climate Change Trust Fund at the cost of about US$450 million.

Referring to these two issues, the Prime Minister also said, “We are taking forward the steps taken for local adaptation as much as possible. They can also bring solutions to communities at risk of adverse effects of climate change in different parts of the world.”

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